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This post is aimed at all who follow the Trim Healthy Mama diet. I love doing their fuel cycles and wanted a creative way to still enjoy eggs benedict. So here ya go! All I really did was substitute the English muffin for roasted asparagus. If I wanted a crossover I would have used an Ezekiel English muffin but this here would make it a Deep S. I also chose to use turkey ham because I’m kinda partial to it.

Here is the recipe that I edit to make it THM friendly.

Eggs Benedict

I have made this for years with THM and without. This is a winner! We typically make it Christmas morning. But you have to get it down to an art. It takes a while to prepare. We tend to have multiple people helping in different stations around the kitchen when we make it for the family.

And of course I enjoy with my favorite blood sugar balancer. Love them proteins!

If you’re enjoying the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle comment below! I’d love to hear your input and hear your progress! THM is more of a family than a diet! Now go make this dish! It is divine y’all!!


The highly coveted Unicorn drink!

Oh wait. Not the same? Not a sugar overload? Wait, no sugar??? Are you flippin’ insane??? Is there at least real unicorn???
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This is for all the Trim Healthy Mama followers. When I first heard about the Shrinker last year and the huge benefits of it I hunted down the coveted oolong tea. I made my first drink and poured it down the drain.

The Shrinker THM Drink -

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: Day 8 :

I know the days of summer squash are near gone but if you can find some zucchini at your farmers market or grocery store this recipe will knock your socks off! I was thrilled when my kids began begging for more. So zucchini, if you search Pinterest, has countless recipes. Apparently once you grow a plant of them you’ll have so much stock to give away. Most search results I’ve found are titles like, “How to Use Up All Your Zucchini Harvest.”

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: Day 7 :

Todays post isn’t so much a recipe as it as an encouragement and some links. My sweet mother in law sent us a yogurt maker a while ago and I’ve just recently began using it on a consistent basis. We never fully realized how easy it was to make yogurt! And with how my kids down this stuff we definitely needed a way of saving money. One dollar a serving is a bit too much for us.

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