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September 7, 2012

: Day 7 :

Todays post isn’t so much a recipe as it as an encouragement and some links. My sweet mother in law sent us a yogurt maker a while ago and I’ve just recently began using it on a consistent basis. We never fully realized how easy it was to make yogurt! And with how my kids down this stuff we definitely needed a way of saving money. One dollar a serving is a bit too much for us.

Pictured here is our yogurt maker. A Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker. I love it! However, I’ve had lots of people inform me that you don’t need a yogurt maker. You can easily make it in a crock-pot! Now, I haven’t tried this yet, we’ll be trying it this weekend, but I’ve heard nothing but positive results. So here is a link for all those interested: Crock-pot Yogurt

Each yogurt maker is different so I’m just going to give you the gist of how we make ours. We pour 42 ounces of milk into a pot. It is then heated until it begins climbing the sides of the pot. At that point we remove it from the heat and allow it to cool to 95 degrees. Then it is poured into a pitcher through a sieve and 6 ounces of plain store bought yogurt is mixed in. Once fully mixed the milk/yogurt mixture is dispersed evenly between the glass cups. It then ‘cooks’ for around eight to nine hours {I never time this right and always have to wake myself in the middle of the night to turn it off}. I take the glasses out, screw on a lid and pop them in the fridge. That’s it, all done! The kids then have fresh yogurt for the next morning.

And just for kicks we add in berry flavoring. We normally use the following recipe for pancakes and french toast but it went perfectly in the plain yogurt: Berry Sauce

Hope you at least venture out and try to make your own. The kids had a fun time watching the milk boil and telling me when the thermometer had cooled down to 95 degrees. Whatever makes them happy!





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