Back to the Basics

September 23, 2019

I didn’t want to write this post. It’s taken a year for me to recognize that I haven’t been doing the right thing for my body.

I have spent the past 15 years learning as much as I possibly can about living a natural life. From the way I eat to the way I breathe to the thoughts I have to the medicine I take, and so forth. My strong passion was born from a life changing event: when I was 9 years old, I ended up at the hospital on Christmas Eve due to a poor diet that almost cost me my life.

One year ago (September 2016) I went through a traumatic fall. To me, it seemed simple, my wrist had broken. It’s not like my back or neck broke, right? In fact, to be honest, they told me my wrist was fractured and I thought a fracture was like a sprain and not an actual break.

Mine ended up being pretty damaging. Even the x-ray technician looked squeamish when he saw it! At the ER, my wrist was compressed and the doctor had to yank my hand away from my arm. The pain was too much! Even the morphine they gave me barely helped.

I was to have a piece of titanium screwed in to piece me together. This would be my first ever surgery.

I. Was. Scared.

And that’s an understatement. I was supposed to be flying to Maui at the exact same time my surgery was beginning. Just an aside, this was the third trip in a row I won as bonus from my health business, and unfortunately the second Hawaii trip in a row I missed.

Before surgery, I told the doctors and nurses how afraid I was. They gave me a Vicodin to calm my nerves. I had never been so happy to be administered such a heavy drug. And out I went.

Needless to say, after the surgery they loaded me up with prescriptions. Heavy painkillers.

The pain was so much, I happily took these painkillers. Anything to take the pain away. I would space them out to make sure they would last as I knew they would eventually run out and there were no refills. I only found one thing that really worked, but unfortunately it was the most addictive thing and they didn’t renew it, so I spent weeks in constant pain.

It was very difficult to sleep and I started taking Benadryl to help. I just wanted to sleep. Y’all, I was desperate. My system was worn down from the painkillers and drugs I took from the broken wrist. Those take so long to get out of your system. I felt like this “little” fall took my entire year away from me.

I had spent years teaching about how important it is to take care of your health in order to avoid emotional darkness. How important it is to stay consistent with your supplements, water, sleep, exercise, etc. And yet here I was, being the person that I would get frustrated with. Someone who would start a healthy life style and abandon it. I can’t explain it, except that my mental health was destroyed because of all of that medication. I needed Benadryl to help me sleep, but after realizing what it was doing, I took my bottle of Benadryl and dumped all of it out.

All of this history to tell you that I am returning to my healthy ways. Ya know, only took a year. I’m not proud of this, it’s been a terrible year. I wish this had never happened. So I’m hoping to be an example to you of how important it is to stay consistent and to stay as far away from big Pharma type drugs as much as you can.

I don’t know why I didn’t get back on my supplements. I just didn’t want to. I would take probiotics, but that’s it. I am completely confident in the importance of probiotics/fermented foods, but that simply wasn’t enough. You guys, I was taking my naturopathy classes WHILE going through this. I wanted to learn, but wasn’t interested in actually GETTING better.

I’m done with living like this and I’m ready to get back to joyful Jennica. I miss me. I’m mainly writing about this to keep myself accountable. Plus, of course, to help others who may be going through something similar. Mentally struggling and just wanting some help.

Here is a photo of the supplements I am getting back to.

I will be beginning my morning by drinking Slim and when I get on the treadmill I will enjoy Active. After breakfast or lunch I make sure to take XFactor as my daily supplement. Before bedtime, one of my daughters will sets me up a little clay dish with BioCleanse, ProBio, and Ease. The Joyome is a skin lotion that works on the microbiome. So this isn’t really so much a focus on my internal health, but thought I’d add it in here.

I am pregnant and due with #8 and I will say…this is definitely not my best pregnancy. First off, I wasn’t focusing on my health at all and also THIS HEAT AND HUMIDITY!! I am so looking forward to an official autumn shift ?

I want to wrap this up by asking for lots of grace and forgiveness. I know I haven’t been myself this past year. Yet, I know that God doesn’t allow something to happen without there being a purpose. I pray I can be an example to those who need to take back their health when pharmaceuticals have taken them down a dark mental path. Remember, we are BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT. Without a doubt I can say that I know my mind and spirit were affected by what was happening to my body. It’s all connected.

Praying for you, my loves. Thank you for your sweet companionship.



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