Finding the Good

June 14, 2011

Since we moved south we’ve discovered a hidden passion for gardening. Something I swore I would never enjoy. Yet here we are with four box gardens filled with life filling foods. Yet for some reason we can not get our tomatoes right. The first year was decent, a rather large harvest. Last year our crop was destroyed by an army of tomato worms. And this year our plants took off! Twice as big as the previous years! But they will. not. turn. red. I would verbally yell at them. TURN RED! Yet they stayed plump, firm and green. I finally broke down and put some in a paper grocery bag with a bunch of very ripe bananas. Voila! A couple cherry tomatoes turned red. Not even enough for a salad.

I knew there had to be something more we could do. And there it was. Why had I been so blind to such an easy solution? I was so incredibly focused on what I didn’t have that I missed what was right in front of me.

That’s right.

Fried Green Tomatoes.

And because I have five littles my mind raced to The Bearenstein Bears. Do you remember the episode where Papa was determined to dig up a stump from his yard? “This stump must go!” But by the end of the show he had turned his problem into a beautiful picnic table for his family.

When there’s a problem you can’t figure out try to find a good side to remove your doubt – Mama Bear

And it also reminds me of Balaam and the talking donkey. Balaam was so stressed and focused on seeing King Balak that he abused his donkey for going to slow and going off track. But what Balaam didn’t know was that his donkey had seen an angel with a sword and was protecting Balaam.

The next time you’re finding it hard to see the good in a situation, remember that the Lord sees all. He knows the past and He knows your future. Trust Him. And in the mean time look for the good, for the blessings, that are surrounding you.

Fried Green Tomatoes – the easy peasy recipe

Slice your green tomatoes into 1/2 inch slices. Dip into a bowl of two well beaten eggs. Then dip into a bowl of italian seasoned bread crumbs. Fry in a pan that is 1/4 inch deep in vegetable oil. Fry each side for two minutes and drain on paper towels.



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