Bare Market Essential Oils Contest!

February 3, 2014

Having been absent for a long time let’s kick off with a contest! Wanna know why there haven’t been any posts? We’ve been sick. And with a large family when the family gets sick you’re down and out for over a month. And my biggest regret during the entire sickness? We didn’t use our essential oils! They were sitting there all nice and pretty and I didn’t even use them to fend off the bug that eventually took over our house. Had I been proactive we all could have saved ourselves a lot of money and trips to the store picking up medicine/chicken noodle soup/orange juice/etc.

Let me introduce you to the newest line of essential oils.

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My dear friends have been working hard to provide you with essential oils products that you can use every day. Let me share a few of my favorites…


This is to be lit any and all the time. I love the smell of Barrier Oil. Makes the house smell all homey and keeps the germs away.


This here is Barrier Rub. You glide this over the bottom of the foot to keep germs at bay. Whenever one of the littles is feeling ill we line up the kids and swipe everyone’s feet with this. Of course, they giggle!


This here is Barrier Hand Sanitizer. I was sold on this after I read how “well” those other hand sanitizers work. I won’t even post a link because there are so many articles that show proof that non-essential oil hand sanitizer does nothing to protect you. Google it. And then when you’re done Google the benefits of “essential oils hand sanitizer.”

That leads us right into CONTEST TIME!


Would you like to win these Barrier products?? Do you want to try before you buy? Then comment above on how you have handled the sicknesses this winter. We aren’t as cool as other blogs so we’ll simply be adding your names to a hat and will draw a winner next week! One comment per person per post. This week we will be featuring different Bare Market products. You can then comment once on each additional post this week.

And for those of you who just can’t wait, head on over to their site, they’re having a sale on their Barrier Kit right now!

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9 responses to Bare Market Essential Oils Contest!

  1. Garlic…lots of garlic! Colloidial Silver for a double ear infection, tea, echinacea, vitamin C, and good ol’ homemade chicken noodle soup, made from scratch with lots of healthy stuff added to it! And trips to the chiropractor.

  2. 🙂
    Elderberry, probiotics and oils have kept us healthy thus far this winter!

  3. I don’t think I could ever have enough Bare Market products–especially the barrier oil!

  4. We do an Apple Cider Vinegar “tea”. Hot water, ACV, raw honey, and cinnamon…it’s yummy! Also just learning about different essential oils that are helpful, and putting them in the humidifier. Last but not least, eating lots of GARLIC!!! 😉

  5. We put honey and cinnamon or honey and lemon in hot water for our tea. Order chicken soup from a Mexican restaurant (so yummy). And, if I’m truly feeling miserable, horseradish mixed in to a glass of apple juice. It tastes pretty bad, but it works wonders.

  6. Everything listed above! garlic, Acv, vit c, d, homemade chicken stock… Lemon honey tea

  7. Lots and lots of hand washing

  8. Love the barrier oil!! Have the foaming hand soap and love it!
    If you haven’t tried their lip balm, you must, it’s awesome!!!

  9. I’m a big fan of honey and lemon in warm tea. Also using natural remedies and products is always my preference when illness is around the house. I also have tried burning the barrier oil in a warmer