Teach Them Diligently Discount Until February 13!

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UPDATE: Exciting news! Teach Them Diligently has extended the deadline for early bird discount registration to February 13th! This is a great Valentine’s gift for your loved one – you can’t give a more meaningful gift than a better future for your kids. Register now »

We’ve bought our tickets and booked our hotel and we are SO READY for Teach Them Diligently 2014!!!!

Seriously you guys, this is our family’s most favorite time of year. Beats out Disney.

What is Teach Them Diligently? In a nut shell it’s a homeschool convention. Dig deeper and it’s an inspirational living life convention. Dig even deeper and it’s a life changing, Spirit filled, family centered, friend making, feet moving powerhouse! We’ve gone twice and each time we’ve been so sad that the 2 1/2 days went by far too quickly. We’ve met new friends and discovered new ways to educate our family through scriptures.

Let me stop there.

If you don’t homeschool, you still should go!

As much as it is about homeschooling it’s core focus is to encourage and teach us how to disciple our children to glorify God. I have learned so much from great leaders such as Ken HamVoddie Baucham and Mark Hamby {to name a few}. The wisdom God has imparted to these leaders had not only changed mine and my husbands lives but our children’s as well. I will never forget listening to Mark Hamby talk. I had a friend, from states away, texted me and told me “you have to go listen to Mark Hamby!” Ok, sure. I didn’t have any particular speaker to listen to at that hour so we went and parked our seats. We were some of the first people to enter the room. We waited and as the minutes ticked by the room FILLED! Like, beyond filled. To the point where Mark was hoping the fire warden wouldn’t come by.

How odd. I had never heard of this man before.




He began talking. I wasn’t sure if he was beginning his conference speech or if he was just making small talk with the packed room.

But before we knew it we were all deep in his story. The passion he spoke with drew us all in. The hour passed and my two year old son was pointing to my face wondering why I was crying. This one simple story, a story about a boy and his sister and a hedge of thorns, wrecked my life. Here I thought I was just passing time and gaining some homeschooling advice. No, my friends, it was far more than that.


hsttd2{My second daughter getting a major head start on her reading for the new year. In the hotel room. The conference had just begun.}

Won’t you join me? We’re only a couple short months away from future memories!

The atmosphere is beautiful. It’s a little oasis in the middle of a chaotic and fallen world.

There are four wonderful locations to choose from throughout the country. We’ll be going to the Spartanburg location. My personal favorite. Tried and true. And we’ll also be going to the Nashville location for the first time. Come see us as we represent Cities 4 Life.

Some people come alone while grandparents watch the kids. Some have trains of ten kids following behind them. And speaking of kids, please, please, please take advantage of the kids program!


I was hesitant but finally decided last year to put them in. It was beyond worth the $35 per child! My oldest now has a core group of girls that she met and the four of them have become pen pals. To see the excitement on her face when she gets a letter in the mail from a dear friend that she’ll be meeting up with again this next spring…I can’t even begin to tell you the joy that brings me, let alone her! $35 for a weekend of fun with new friends and a lifetime of being pen pal sisters? Yeah. Priceless.


hsttd4{her first letter from a Teach Them Diligently pen pal}

hsttd5{my daughters}

hsttd3{Hey, we get to meet new friends, too! Like the beautiful Leslie Nunnery, head honcho of Teach Them Diligently}

Are you pumped yet?? Won’t you please join us?? It’s like a giant family reunion {only there’s no weird Uncle Fred or Aunt Sally}. For such a small price you’ll be making memories and changing your family’s life. And you know what?

Click on this link to register at the early bird discounted rate of $55 per family. You’re saving $10 by making a decision today.

Making your total for a three day conference a mere $55 for your whole family! This discount is only good through the end of THURSDAY! What are you waiting for? Makes it a little easier to sign your kids up for the amazing kids program, huh? Did I mention that signing your kids up gives you the freedom to peruse the large vendor room. Last year I eagerly bought up our homeschool books. My husband? He bought a Nutrimill. See. I told you it’s not just for homeschoolers.

Comments are open for this post. Please let me know if I can look forward to seeing your beautiful face! I’d love to meet you!





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  1. We were in the room during that discussion with Mark Hamby. Wow! is all I can say. Great, great session!

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