30 Days of Budget Friendly Recipe :: Zucchini Fries

September 8, 2012

: Day 8 :

I know the days of summer squash are near gone but if you can find some zucchini at your farmers market or grocery store this recipe will knock your socks off! I was thrilled when my kids began begging for more. So zucchini, if you search Pinterest, has countless recipes. Apparently once you grow a plant of them you’ll have so much stock to give away. Most search results I’ve found are titles like, “How to Use Up All Your Zucchini Harvest.”

Our favorite so far has been the zucchini fries!

Here is a link to the recipe: Baked Zucchini Fries

The best advice I can offer is to use two hands. Use one hand for only dipping the zucchini slices in the egg wash and the other hand for covering the zucchini in bread crumbs. Otherwise you’re going to have mushy fingers and that’s just not fun.

The only thing we did differently was use regular parmesan cheese. After making a large batch we had NO leftovers. And the best part? It’s healthy and inexpensive. Easily a main dish for lunch.




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