She Has a Name

June 15, 2011

What can you do today to change the world?

Consider fighting human trafficking and ordering a shirt from She Has a Name.

We had an idea to start selling a t-shirt that would aid in awareness, as well as generate a profit that could be used in the fight. 100% of the profits from shirt sales go toward the fight against human trafficking. At this time we are partnering with two ministries that are rescuing and restoring young girls… bringing the HOPE of Christ into a very dark place!

Having so many daughters myself I have a heart for these girls. And though I can’t help out physically I appreciate all the work that She Has a Name has done. And I proudly wear my t-shirt. To be honest, I’ve taken over my husbands shirt as well {they are incredibly comfortable to boot!}. Many people have made comments. Usually making a crack that I don’t know the names of my children….which yes – I do get there names mixed up on a daily basis {begging for grace}. However it always opens the door for me to talk about She Has a Name and encourage them to help in the fight.

So will you please consider helping? $15 will give these sweet young ones a renewal of hope {and you get a shirt, too}.

She Has a Name



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