Outside the Box

August 13, 2014

I have found one thing that has helped immensely with my anxiety. Every morning the children and I bustle around the house. Making sure everyone is dressed and fed. We grab our Abeka Bible cards and head for Bessie, our massive van.

And we leave our little box.

We make sure to reach our destination before anybody else. And it is in the wee early hours of the morning that we get the public playground all to ourselves.


Get outdoors - eucharisteo.com


I’m all for meeting new people but sometimes I just want to have fun with my kids with no distractions. We’ve gotten to know the faithful walkers on the trails. Which is a nice treat. Just a simple nod and a “good morning” and we can continue with our imagination. Like rolling down the big hill crying out “as you wish!!!!!”


Breakfast Picnic. Get outdoors - eucharisteo.com


One morning we awoke extra early and had a breakfast picnic. We ran to the grocery, picked up some muffins and juice boxes and found a perfect place to lay our blanket in the large empty field. It was special. It was a great memory my kids won’t easily forget.


Get outdoors - eucharisteo.com


We then play in the forest. They make believe they’re in the old times, play tag, pretend to be dinosaurs, they almost always put on a show, play prince and princesses, etc. It’s always a new adventure.


Get outdoors - eucharisteo.com


Get outdoors - eucharisteo.com


We also do some homeschooling and we always do our Bible cards. One child gets to hold the picture card up while I read.

If we just stayed in our house all. day. long. My loves, that’s solitary confinement. And it drives a mama mad. And it bottles up a lot of adventures that a child should be enjoying.


Get outdoors - eucharisteo.com


Go outdoors! Go find a new park to play in. Take the road less traveled. Explore in places you’ve never thought of. See that road up ahead? Know where it leads? No? Then take it!


Get outdoors - eucharisteo.com


Children are so full of excitement. Their imaginations are beautifully contagious. This is a great way to teach them that it’s okay to try something new. It’s okay if where you go ends up not being a park. But there’s excitement to be found anywhere.

Have you ever taken the road less traveled? Have you taken trips outside when all you want to do is stay indoors where it’s more comfortable?

I call my house my “little box.” I think of God looking down at us all in these little boxes all over the world. Where He has created all this breathtaking beauty and we choose to stay in our man made little box. It’s insulting. He wants us to explore! To breathe in all that He’s created. The mountains, the waters, the landscapes, the creatures, oh I could go on and on. This coming from somebody who has never left the United States of America.

We sit in front of our computers or tv’s and enjoy how others live out life and dream of doing the same.

This week. Take this challenge. Hop in the car with some snacks, your camera and GO! See what kind of adventures you’ve been missing out on. Then tell your story and encourage another to head out and take on the world.


Get outdoors - eucharisteo.com




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