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April 22, 2017

These past few years have been intense. I’ve struggled, I’ve felt heavier in so many areas of my life, there’s been times of grandeur that I never expected, times of normalcy, times of questioning “why.” Overall, from the other side, I am humbled. Humbled to be allowed to go through the depths. Though rough, I know He’s using these times to sharpen me to be able to help others.

And through it all we’ve grown closer together. My family. The constants. The always heres. The never leaving yous. The catch you when you falls.

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Remember when we wrote about the 5 Day Adoption back in April? Well guess what…..the kickstarter was fullfilled and it’s READDDDYYYYY!!!!!!

Totally worth the wait!!!

5 Day Adoption

If you know of someone who needs encouragement to get through life’s challenges, mountains of obstacles, and/or is taking a step of faith…please share the 5 Day Adoption film with them.

We pray viewers will be encouraged and challenged to pray and fully trust God in all their circumstances.

This film will not only encourage adopting families and those wanting to help support those who adopt, but our prayers are that it encourages anyone facing life-changing decisions in their lives. We are also praying it reaches into the hearts of women who think abortion is their only option, when adoption is a life-saving option.

If you know someone who could use an encouraging, family-safe movie this Christmas, you can order an On-Demand copy or have a DVD/Blue-Ray shipped to you by ordering on the 5 Day Adoption website.

We were blessed to watch an early release of 5 Day Adoption. I tell you this, knowing so many who are struggling and finding it hard to have faith, this film is for you. This film, truly, is for everybody. As you watch, when you think their struggles can’t get any harder, they do. When you think the film is coming to a close, it’s not even close. Their faith is inspiring and contagious!

McCoskey Family Photo

This film isn’t even fully about a 5 day adoption. But with that being said, it is very encouraging {beyond encouraging} for those who are taking those first steps into the world of adoption. We know how discouraging it can be. From friends/family who don’t quite understand, to the lengths of waiting to bring your little one home, to the extra expenses that you don’t foresee. You will be rejuvenated to do what God has called us to. And that’s to take care of the orphans.

We are dear friends with the McCoskey family and to know them is a blessing. I remember when I heard their story first hand and my jaw just hit the table. After months of preparation by, another dear friend, Kevin Peeples, this movie will be ready for viewing December 14th! You will want to gather your family around and enjoy an evening learning how to cross the Jordan.

On December 14, 2015 you will be able to order via DVD, Blu Ray or On Demand. Make sure you’re ready to share 5 Day Adoption with others, because you’re gonna want to!

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Why We Celebrate Hanukkah

December 16, 2014

Why We Celebrate Hanukkah -

Happy Hanukkah! Tonight at sundown begins the Festival of Lights!

Ah, what a drastic difference from yesterday, huh? Here we go on and on about how we don’t celebrate Santa and now we’re talking about how as Christian’s we’re celebrating Hanukkah? Say wha??? Legalistic weirdos. Continue Reading…

Outside the Box

August 13, 2014

I have found one thing that has helped immensely with my anxiety. Every morning the children and I bustle around the house. Making sure everyone is dressed and fed. We grab our Abeka Bible cards and head for Bessie, our massive van.

And we leave our little box.

We make sure to reach our destination before anybody else. And it is in the wee early hours of the morning that we get the public playground all to ourselves.


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When You Lose Your Way

May 13, 2014

The walls feel like they’re caving in. Our hearts race. We begin to fear what could be lurking around the corner. We chalk it up to “Murphy’s Law.”

Who is this Murphy anyhow? The name of the demon who is following us around? The one we willingly listen to?

When these days become hard pressed. When your foundation is crumbling remember Whose you are.

If you’re finding it hard to breathe through the contractions of life you need to go back to the One Who gives you breath. His Word, that’s the only thing that is going to get you through this rough time. His Word is the only strength your foundation needs. It seals in all those cracks that you didn’t even see. When you allow your eyes to lay upon His Words your heart will find joy. You can’t fix the wrongs in this world. You can’t fix the sins in this world. His love is the only remedy. The enemy has lied to us long enough. Take back His word and I pray that you will rest peacefully in each page. Yet, if you feel your feathers being ruffled by what He says, that’s good! That’s a sign that He’s chiseling away the lies that the enemy has sewn along the way.

My loves, we all come before our valleys. But will you come prepared or will you stumble into your valley? In 1 Samuel 25:13 David tells his men to “strap on your swords!” I always get a kick out of his words. You really need to go back through and read the context of why he’s saying it. But let me encourage you to “strap on your swords!” Strap on the word of God so when the enemy comes to fight that you are prepared. That you are ready to make a defense for the faith within you. You are in God’s army. He trusts you in this battle that is being waged before our very eyes. The question is, whose side are you on? A warrior prepares himself for battle. He does not lay around awaiting someone to feed him and train him. He trains himself so that he is ready when the time comes. When the trumpet is blown. Therefore, we too should prepare ourselves and our families.


Each morning, before you arise, reach over and take up your Bible. Find a reading schedule to adhere to. And every morning feed your soul before you feed your belly. There is no food that can satisfy like His glorious words can. Consider it a challenge, each and every story in the Bible points to Christ. Your job, detective, is to understand how. Then teach it to your children. They will then arise and call you blessed.

The valleys are coming. Strap on your sword!