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Grace for Moms

November 4, 2013

Another Allume story for you that overflows with grace. This was the same night that Ann Voskamp encouraged me.

Little did I know I would be experiencing true Grace for Moms.


My sweet baby was fatigued and there was no end in sight to his neediness. It was dinner time and I had a sweet friend, Kristy Chowning, invite me to sit at her table. This was a huge offer to me because I really didn’t know anybody. The room was full of women and I was feeling like a tag along. After all, I was only at the conference because my husband was there representing Food for the Hungry. I couldn’t eat dinner with him because he was speaking that night. Taking a fussy baby and sitting in the front would not have been a thoughtful act on my part.

So after thanking her profusely I sat and enjoyed a salad. I was seated between Kristy and her friend Jessica Wolstenholm, the co-owners and authors of Grace for Moms. At one point my little one was getting far too fussy and I was about to leave when Kristy grabbed him and exited so I could finish eating. I was so thankful! I tried to finish quickly yet also tried to get to know Jessica. I went to relieve Kristy but when I left the large room she didn’t have Josiah!

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Allume Recovery

October 27, 2013

My sweet friends, I am so anxious to share with you the trying, yet wonderful, time I had at Allume! However, this evening we were in a car accident. So my entire schedule has been readjusted. Everybody is ok! And we are so thankful that Yahweh was taking care of us. It easily could have been much worse. And yes, I’ve repented of my immediate knee jerk reaction. I was chauffeuring my four daughters to Awana at the time. Needless to say, we never did get there. I am so incredibly thankful, again, that Yahweh had His hand over us.

You see, my oldest daughter turns 11 tomorrow. We were planning on taking everybody to the mountains to go apple picking. But If He is protecting us from going there then we will praise Him. Maybe He is guiding us toward somebody to minister to tomorrow instead. No matter what it may be, He allowed this into our lives and we will praise Him.

We will be celebrating life tomorrow! I still can’t believe in the past 11 years I’ve been blessed to be a mother six times over. Who am I that He should bless me this much??


Prepping for Allume

October 19, 2013

::Just a quick update::

We found out just over two weeks ago that we’ll be relocating to Nashville. So to say things have been hectic is a major understatement. Getting a house of eight ready to show is kinda crazy. Thankfully I’ve taken some fantastic advice from The Nester and have made this place look Nest-tastic! Pictures to follow once it’s ready.


So while I’m completely sleep deprived we’ve had many confirmations from Yahweh that this is the direction He wants us to go. I can’t wait to share those with you!

Also, I’ve taken up the position of Media Relations with Cities 4 Life. I can not even begin to tell you how much this fills my heart with joy! We’re looking to start a blogger affiliates program, so all you peeps at Allume can be prepared. My husband and I will both be attending. He’ll be speaking on behalf of Food for the Hungry.

Gotta run. Til I need another excuse to stop prepping the house…