Grace for Moms

November 4, 2013

Another Allume story for you that overflows with grace. This was the same night that Ann Voskamp encouraged me.

Little did I know I would be experiencing true Grace for Moms.


My sweet baby was fatigued and there was no end in sight to his neediness. It was dinner time and I had a sweet friend, Kristy Chowning, invite me to sit at her table. This was a huge offer to me because I really didn’t know anybody. The room was full of women and I was feeling like a tag along. After all, I was only at the conference because my husband was there representing Food for the Hungry. I couldn’t eat dinner with him because he was speaking that night. Taking a fussy baby and sitting in the front would not have been a thoughtful act on my part.

So after thanking her profusely I sat and enjoyed a salad. I was seated between Kristy and her friend Jessica Wolstenholm, the co-owners and authors of Grace for Moms. At one point my little one was getting far too fussy and I was about to leave when Kristy grabbed him and exited so I could finish eating. I was so thankful! I tried to finish quickly yet also tried to get to know Jessica. I went to relieve Kristy but when I left the large room she didn’t have Josiah!

There beside her was a sweet lady who was loving all over my little one. I thanked her and she said, “no thank you! I’ve been away from my children for three weeks.”

Asking her why I later found out that she was traveling throughout the United States and that her family was back in Africa. Kristy told me she’s the founder of Sole Hope. How amazing! What a sacrificial heart. Thank you Asher Collie, I’m sure you’re loving all over your brood back home. Thank you for loving on my baby that night!

Kristy returned for the main dish of dinner. I stayed out in the hallway entertaining Josiah until I realized that I had pushed him past his breaking point. I returned to the main area to grab the stroller and my camera. Again, Kristy whisked away with Josiah. My flesh was feeling like such a burden. Jessica looked at me.

“Have you eaten?”

“No. It’s ok. I’m sure they’ll come back around. I’ll just ask them for something when they pick up the dishes.”

We sat their listening to the speaker for a bit. Then Jessica popped up and was gone.

A minute later I saw her quickening to the table.

“It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s hot.” As she laid my dinner before me.

For me. She burnt her fingers for me. She didn’t know me. It wasn’t her responsibility to see that I got fed. It wasn’t Kristy’s responsibility to watch my child. This duo, these two amazing Godly women…their selfless actions shook me to the core.

I’m sure the talks that were given during the weekend were inspirational. But they had nothing on the relationships. The people I met, the hands and feet of Christ that I was able to witness. That is what Allume was all about.

You would think that bloggers would be all about themselves and their names. That is such a lie that we create in our own little minds. These women were all about serving not in how they can make their name bigger.

Thank you Kristy and Jessica for showing me the compassion of Christ. For showing me such amazing grace. You have no idea how you changed me that evening.




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