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Grace for Moms

November 4, 2013

Another Allume story for you that overflows with grace. This was the same night that Ann Voskamp encouraged me.

Little did I know I would be experiencing true Grace for Moms.


My sweet baby was fatigued and there was no end in sight to his neediness. It was dinner time and I had a sweet friend, Kristy Chowning, invite me to sit at her table. This was a huge offer to me because I really didn’t know anybody. The room was full of women and I was feeling like a tag along. After all, I was only at the conference because my husband was there representing Food for the Hungry. I couldn’t eat dinner with him because he was speaking that night. Taking a fussy baby and sitting in the front would not have been a thoughtful act on my part.

So after thanking her profusely I sat and enjoyed a salad. I was seated between Kristy and her friend Jessica Wolstenholm, the co-owners and authors of Grace for Moms. At one point my little one was getting far too fussy and I was about to leave when Kristy grabbed him and exited so I could finish eating. I was so thankful! I tried to finish quickly yet also tried to get to know Jessica. I went to relieve Kristy but when I left the large room she didn’t have Josiah!

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