The 5 Day Adoption

April 14, 2015

Adopting is a precious gift from God. Just as He adopts us into His family He desires us to adopt His children into ours as well. The McCoskey family has adopted before and they keep their arms open to whatever the Lord wants to give them. What a surprise when they received a phone call asking if they’d be willing to adopt that week.

5 Day Adoption -

The McCoskey Family

Guys, I can’t tell this story as well as the family who went through it can. This is such an amazing testimony. I know so many couples that are longing to adopt and are hesitant because of all of the “don’t knows.” This movie will open eyes are hearts to the gift of life. Please consider becoming a part of this kickstarter. They are so close to meeting their stretch goal of $10,000. With your financial help this film can be prepared for theatrical and online distribution.

5 Day Adoption -

Baby Christina

Are you looking to adopt? Share this story with your adoption agency. There’s already been one baby adopted because of the inspiration of this story.

Are you part of an adoption agency? With your kickstarter support you can have your organization’s name on the dvd, in the credits and on the website. Amazing marketing for a great price!

At first we were hesitant to do this documentary…but after months of prayer and Kevin {the director} asking us again, Todd said we should do it. And here we are, “Stepping into the Jordan” again, trusting that the Lord will guide us and protect us as we open our family, our story, and our precious children to the testimony of prayer, faith, hope, and the power of God in this film.

Please, if you would, keep our family in your prayers as we move forward with this documentary.

-Barbara McCoskey

I’m telling you, I’ve cried every single time I’ve watched the trailer. Watching this family walk in such faith is inspiring and encouraging.

5 Day Adoption -

Oh, did I forget to mention that the Duggar family had a hand in helping this adoption along? Yes, all you Duggar addicts {like myself}, watch how God used the Duggar’s as part of His story with sweet lil Christina’s adoption.

When you support the kickstarter you also will receive a reward! Your reward will depend on how much you give. Maybe you’ll get your name in the credits, or a dvd, or even a skype call with the family! Head on over to the kickstarter page and look on the right hand side at all the reward choices there are! As of the time I am writing this they are $3, 391 shy of their stretch goal of $10,000. There is just over 24 hours remaining!!! 

Maybe you truly cannot support financially right now. Please support this family and this film through your prayers. As you can see, that is exactly what this film is about! Not just adoption. It’s about prayer and walking in faith and trusting God through the small and the big. When we can’t see where we’re heading we still follow the One leading us.



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