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Our Unusual Vacation

March 12, 2014

Last month we took a very random trip down to Florida. And while down there we did the obvious – we went to Disney! We were able to go because of my husbands family and their military discounts. We played at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Except for the day it down poured. That I could have done without. But overall we had a fun time going on rides and just walking around.


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Divine Meetings

December 14, 2013


We didn’t know where to move. To stay in South Carolina. To return to Ohio. To find land in North Carolina. We simply did not know where our next steps were supposed to be. I want to let you in on how we were able to know that Yahweh was leading us to Nashville. And how we fought the enemy, knowing that he doesn’t want us out there. This will be more of a timeline because I could write a book about every obstacle.

When listing our house we weren’t too enthusiastic knowing we were up against new builds. Five months earlier our realtor had encouraged us to short sale.

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