Divine Meetings

December 14, 2013


We didn’t know where to move. To stay in South Carolina. To return to Ohio. To find land in North Carolina. We simply did not know where our next steps were supposed to be. I want to let you in on how we were able to know that Yahweh was leading us to Nashville. And how we fought the enemy, knowing that he doesn’t want us out there. This will be more of a timeline because I could write a book about every obstacle.

When listing our house we weren’t too enthusiastic knowing we were up against new builds. Five months earlier our realtor had encouraged us to short sale.


We listed and sold in one week.


Just a couple months prior we had a pay cut. The exact same time our mortgage went up $250/month. Clearly we couldn’t afford to stay where we were.


We went to Allume and we met so many brothers and sisters that are already living in Nashville.


Cities 4 Life, the ministry my family is involved with, they have a team in Nashville in need of more frontline warriors.


Our first trip to Nashville brought about a divine meeting with the executive director of the pregnancy resource center of Chattanooga {read that amazing story here}. Also came a possible opportunity to get an ultrasound machine down to the local abortion mill. Praying Yahweh will continue to weave that story to completion.



While finding a house to rent we found a beautiful one! Was the perfect size and location. And everything was going along smoothly until the landlord saw our children the next day. He denied us based on our family size. We sunk into fear wondering if anybody would rent to a large family. The next day we returned to a house we had briefly walked through and saw there was a large van next door. Sure enough, the neighbors have seven children and they homeschool. And, just because Yahweh wanted to throw in a little something special, we have mutual friends! Yahweh blocked us from renting the previous house because He had something so much better for us. There are a good handful of families on that street that homeschool. And the landlord there? From Ohio as well. They admitted to being hesitant to allowing a large family to rent but thankfully Yahweh softened their hearts and we signed a lease.


My loves, there is so much to this story that I just couldn’t fit into this minuscule timeline. But I can tell you that it was like doing reps at the gym. Our faith was so exercised. When we felt tired and worn He gave us that extra ‘endorphin’ effect to continue. We learned how to trust Him when, all along, we were relying on our own foolish standards. We thought we knew best. 


Why is it so easy for us to tell others to trust God but when put through the waters we crane our necks back longing for solid ground? We are so good at talking but our actions are devastatingly lacking. But that moment, that sweet moment when you realize He’s not going to let you drown. That moment makes the head hang and ask “why did I ever doubt You?”


Another reason why I encourage you to write. The Israelites, they wrote their history. They saved it for their children and for the generations to come. If we don’t remember where we’re coming from we will repeat our past mistakes. To see when He carried us and to see when we doubted, it’s all building us.

pen and paper

Take a pen today and write. If not for yourself, do it for future generations. They need to know their history.


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