Our Unusual Vacation

March 12, 2014

Last month we took a very random trip down to Florida. And while down there we did the obvious – we went to Disney! We were able to go because of my husbands family and their military discounts. We played at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Except for the day it down poured. That I could have done without. But overall we had a fun time going on rides and just walking around.







But there was a cloud over my head the entire time we were there. All I kept dreading was our trip to the Orlando Women’s Center. Yes, my family went to an abortion mill during our vacation.

You would think with how passionate I am about pro-life ministry I’d be eager to go, right?


This was my vacation! This was a time to relax and not think about anything.

A couple days before we left Tennessee for Florida I was speaking with the beautiful Lisa Metzger. I told her how excited I was to not have to think about abortion for a few days. And you know what she said??

If you were like the Metzgers you’d find an abortion mill while there…

Bahhhhhh! Not what I wanted to hear! Especially considering I knew she had been to this same mill. But alas, my heart was softened, my husband and I agreed we needed to go. We got in touch with John Barros. He is out there every. single. day. Pleading with women to choose life for their babies. We were set to meet up with him on Monday.

Monday morning rolled around and we packed up the car with our kids and made our drive to the Orlando Women’s Center. As we were driving there, I kid you not, we had to drive onto Gore Street. Just a street away from OWC.

gore street

As we arrived I was relieved to see a group of people standing there. Folks, for those who haven’t been out to minister in front of a mill before it is so encouraging to not be there alone. It’s good to go out of obedience no matter what but it’s comforting and encouraging to be with other prayer warriors. Some students from Reformation Bible College were out there as well as John. The butterflies felt just like the first time I had gone out in Charlotte.

Instead of going into detail about all that happened I just want you to know that we were greeted by the friendliest, most loving people. My husband and I spent the day observing. We’ve been having a rough time ministering at the mill we’re currently out at and needed a new perspective. And WOW did everything change for us that day. We learned that it’s all about conversations. It’s all about getting the woman to come and talk with you. It’s about relationships. It’s about sharing the gospel. I don’t know, there was something, just, different there. I was blessed and humbled that Yahweh allowed me to be His vessel to speak to a woman who later chose life after we had left. That day changed our family.






{Btw, the lady on the right, she chose life after we left. Pray for her.}

We drove off that day wishing we had packed lunches for the kids because we wanted to stay longer. However we left only to receive a phone call from a dear friend warning us of a terrible winter storm in our path. We didn’t know what to do. We didn’t want to drive into a snow/ice storm yet we only had our rental until Thursday. We checked the rental site and discovered our house was available to rent until Thursday! Phone calls were made and we now were staying two more days.

On Wednesday we trekked out to OWC one more time. This time we stayed the entire day. That was the best day of our vacation. Hands down. We learned so much. We were able to speak and pray with people going in and out of the mill. We had amazing fellowship with John Barros. Everything in me wanted to plant roots in Orlando and minister at OWC. Watching John interact with the women was inspiring. Watching one of the mill workers go out and pick up coffee for John was hilarious! I mean, come on, who does that?? Oh right, Jesus.

We are so excited to head back to Orlando again. I encourage all sidewalk counselors to go down there at least once. Forget Disney. This changes lives.



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