Fuel Cycle Day 3

July 4, 2014

I bid farewell to the yummiest day I’ve ever enjoyed. After three days of Deep S I have lost 5.5 lbs. From what I’m learning, I will gain some of that back during the FP days but I’m more than ok with that because I’m taking these next couple weeks to learn the science of how what we eat affects us. Seriously, look back through the first couple days and look at all the delicious foods I’ve enjoyed that every other diet would be appalled at. Well, not every diet. I did the Maker’s Diet for years and it was wonderful but Trim Healthy Mama just takes it to a whole nother level. I have been learning so much. And ironically the kids have chosen Anatomy as their science curriculum.

Deep S Day 3

trimaccino - Eucharisteo.com

I am just in love with the trimaccino. Y’all have got to try it. I would choose this over heavy cream. Seriously.

eggs benedict - Eucharisteo.com

I still can’t believe I was allowed to eat this. Definitely one of my favorite meals but oh-so-fatty. With this dish I nixed the english muffin and used asparagus instead. Used turkey bacon as a side instead of canadian ham.

GGMS - Eucharisteo.com

I’m highly addicted to the Good Girl Moonshine.

salmon salad - Eucharisteo.com

I was still full from the delicious eggs benedict but I knew I had to eat three hours later. Quickly made up a smoked salmon salad with dill and dijon mustard sauce.

lamb burger - Eucharisteo.com

My husband completely spoiled me with a lamb burger. He dressed his up with a bun and taziki sauce and feta. But I absolutely loved mine with just a lettuce leaf! Aaaaaannnnnd, I may have had more than one.

chocolate chip fsf - Eucharisteo.com

This here was a quick fix for my sweet tooth while I cleaned up the kitchen. A fat stripping frappe with two peanut butter cup skinny minis blended in.

This was, hands down, the yummiest day. Just divine. And, because I’m blogging about this later I can tell you that I woke up the next morning and was at my lowest weight I’ve seen since I was first married! I got Deep S days down. Totally understand them now. I could read all I want but I didn’t really learn until I began implementing it in my daily life.

Starting Fuel Pull tomorrow!



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