Fuel Cycle Day 2

July 2, 2014

Second day of the Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle and it’s going beautifully. But I admit that I’m very nervous about the upcoming FP and E days at the end of the week. I probably spent far too much time looking in FP days so that I wouldn’t mess it up considering I’m doing this during a holiday. FP on Independence Day, I foresee 0% greek yogurt and patriotic berries.

Today I focused on eating lots of greens and salmon. My splurge was the Skinny Chocolate which is allowed in liberal amounts on deep s days. I didn’t take a photo for I make them in a mini cupcake tin and I had three of them for dessert.

Deep S Day 2


Trimaccino while I was in His word outdoors and the family was asleep.


Eggs, squash, turkey bacon and spinach - Eucharisteo.com

What you can’t see here is the abundant amount of cooked spinach underneath. On top is two fried eggs, cooked squash and turkey sausage.


Good Girl Moonshine - Eucharisteo.com

Good Girl Moonshine aka: Baptist Friendly Buzz Toddy


Smoked salmon salad - Eucharisteo.com

Spinach topped with smoked salmon and a simple olive oil, lemon, acv and dill. I added red onion just for color, but it was very thin.


Chocolate Chip Fat Stripping Frappe - Eucharisteo.com

Fat Stripping Frappe with two mini skinny chocolates blended in.


Good Girl Moonshine - Eucharisteo.com

Another GGMS. Cause it’s amazing. I may be addicted.


Steak and broccoli rabe - Eucharisteo.com

My dear husband blessed my belly with grilled steak and grilled broccoli rabe. He almost added balsamic vinegar to the broccoli but we discovered that balsamic vinegar is not allowed on Deep S days.

Day 2 is done and in the history books! And yes, I’ve already lost weight. I haven’t seen this number since before babies. My girls are very excited for when I can fit back into my wedding dress again. I must appease them!

Today was very simple and delicious. I absolutely loved the smoked salmon salad. The only thing I’d change is to drink more water. I did have two GGMS’ but I feel like I need more hydration.

As always, I need to make this short and have sweet children to tend to. Til tomorrow!





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