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It’s been just over a week since Teach Them Diligently wrapped up their 2014 Nashville convention. In just a few days our family will be packing up and heading to the Spartanburg, SC location. I wanted to give you a recap of what it was like in Nashville and persuade you, if you’ve been on the fence, to join us in Spartanburg this week {and get a $10 off discount}!


Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention 2014 Spartanburg

It’s so hard to put into words what exactly Teach Them Diligently means to our family.


This has been our third year attending and it keeps getting better each year.



This year we ran a booth for the first time for Cities 4 Life. The interactions with people were downright amazing! Moments where we’re like, really God? I mean really?? For example, one woman comes up to our booth and says she’s looking for so-and-so’s brother. We kinda shrugged our shoulders not knowing what she was talking about until we realized she was looking for my husband. She had come all the way up from Tampa and goes to the same church my sister in laws go to. Crazy!

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After moving to Tennessee I can’t tell you how excited I am to see all my homeschool friends again from Charlotte at the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Spartanburg, SC. As I’ve said many times before this is the highlight of our year. We get encouraged in parenting, in our marriage, in homeschooling and it’s a great time to just fellowship with our sweet friends, old and new.

Can I encourage you, if you’ve been on the fence, to go ahead and get your family tickets this year? There are four locations to choose from.

Nashville, TN
Spartanburg, SC
Washington, D.C.
Dallas, TX

And you only have a couple more days to get the early bird price of only $45 for the entire family! For that cost you’ll get 2 1/2 days at the best homeschool convention around, inspiring speakers to listen to, a large vendor hall to shop in and many new friends to make!


The children’s program is stellar. My kids absolutely love it and meet so many like minded friends. They are so excited to see their friends they made last year that they’ve become pen pals with.

My family will be at the Nashville and Spartanburg locations and we really hope we get a chance to meet you! In Nashville my husband and I will be there helping to represent Cities 4 Life. Come by and say hi!


Did you know that when you register you will receive 3 months free of the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Planner? Definitely something you need to check out.

Or how about, if you sign up a group of ten or more your cost is only $35/family instead of $45.

Well hurry up! You have til the end of the day December 31st!

See you there!


Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention 2014

We’ve bought our tickets and booked our hotel and we are SO READY for Teach Them Diligently 2014!!!!

Seriously you guys, this is our family’s most favorite time of year. Beats out Disney.

What is Teach Them Diligently? In a nut shell it’s a homeschool convention. Dig deeper and it’s an inspirational living life convention. Dig even deeper and it’s a life changing, Spirit filled, family centered, friend making, feet moving powerhouse! We’ve gone twice and each time we’ve been so sad that the 2 1/2 days went by far too quickly. We’ve met new friends and discovered new ways to educate our family through scriptures.

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