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January 15, 2016

Lesson of the Promised Land

My daughter came to me this morning and asked me to read her journal. Here is some soul deep truths she spilled onto the pages. I am writing it exactly as it is written within her book.

This is a story about Tracy O’Harlem (not real name). There she sat, a lump in her throat, and glistening tears in her eyes. The colorful cover of her diary bekoned her to come closer. The picture of a soaring bird seemed to say ‘Come, tell me your problems and I will comfort you.’ Actually, it seemed everything in the room was speaking to her. The high clock looked down on her saying ‘Now, quit! Only babies cry!’ The figurine of a sad ice skater seemed to be weeping ‘Poor Tracy! So…young!’ So Tracy gulped to hold down the tears, and reached for the diary which she got for her 11th birthday. She tried to count the months till her 12th birthday. ‘Two. Huh.’ She thought, ‘I guess I should start planning.’
She took a breath, grabbed her faverite neon orange pen. Then Tracy wrote.

‘My dear diary, today has just been heinous! First, when I woke up it was fine. but then after lunch…Erin, my two month old sister was screaming her lungs out, Peter was determined to wear ‘big brother undies’ even though, he keeps peeing everywhere but the potty, and Katie and Toss were fighting AGAIN! Momma was trying to get everyone to go outside, so I had to read my bible outside! I – okay pause. My daddy taught me this when I’m tempted to complain. Let’s start over.

‘My dear diary, today has just been wonderful! First when I woke up, it was simply marvoles! Momma’s calming Erin down very patiently. Erin’s so cute! Peter is determined to potty-train. I’m so proud of him! Katie and Ross have been trying to resolve their differences — I’m surprised how well they keep it under control. I’m really glad I was able to go outside because I think God doesn’t want us locked up in a box our entire lives. How grateful I am to be able to read His Word!

‘Do you see the difference, my precious diary? Same events, different attitudes. I pray God will give me a positive attitude.

Once again, I am humbled that I gain more insight from my children than they could ever gain from me.




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