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April 8, 2014


There have been so many days where I’m just lacking energy. After birthing a half dozen babies it’s no wonder. This delicious drink here has done wonders to my energy levels. And I have no doubt it helps boost that worn out immune system.

Compliments of Trim Healthy Mama the Singing Canary tastes, to me, just like an orangecicle! Now, the first time I made it was just like a tart lemon drink. But I recalled people talking about how divine it tasted so I made it one more time and added a good dose of sweetener. Yeah, that did it. Extra Truvia/Stevia made this drink worth the hassle it takes to make it.

Here is a copy of the recipe and I’ll just briefly go over how I make it.

2 lemons
4000 mg Vitamin C (buffered ascorbic acid powder or tablets or whatever is in your cupboard that does not include sugar or dyes)
1 tsp. non irradiated turmeric powder
1 flat, tsp. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
2 tsp. Whey Protein Powder (look for CFM whey protein isolate)
3 generous pinches of high mineral salt like Celtic Sea Salt
3 splashes vanilla extract
Pure Stevia Extract to taste

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Singing Canary

Peel two lemons. Slice and remove the seeds. I like to have as much Rutin as I can in my drink so I leave as much of the white rind as I can. Then blend with three cups of water for 30 seconds.

Singing Canary-2

Nice and frothy now.

Singing Canary-3

Next pour the blended lemon and water into a nut milk bag. Capture the thick remains in the bag while allowing the lemon water to pour into a pitcher. Next you will squeeze and mush around the bag. Making sure you get as much of the liquid as you can out.

Singing Canary-4

You’ll be left with this fun little ball of lemon dough. It’s neat but throw it out. Unless you can think of something creative to do with it. I have yet to come up with anything. Put it down your disposal to freshen you kitchen drain?

I then add the remaining ingredients to the blender and mix them up. Last I re-add the lemon water with a very good amount of Truvia and/or Stevia. Keep taste testing it til you’re satisfied.

I have yet to add the essential oil but I’m just now beginning to explore EO’s. Seems like a good thing. I’ll update later.

I will definitely be making this many times this week as we begin to tackle spring cleaning!

Singing Canary-5




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