Blessings by the Cup Full

April 12, 2014

Want to bless a tired mama really quick? Get her a coffee. It’s that simple. I’ve been blessed with cup-o-joes many times, by friends and by my husband. I even received a gift card from my incredibly thoughtful mother in law when she knew I was having a rough time. My soul smiled wide when I opened that card.

 Blessings by the Cup Full

Listen, the Lord is the only one who can restore your soul but a thoughtful loved one holding out a hot white mocha on your doorstep lets you know that you’re worthy of being thought of. And isn’t it humbling to know that somebody is thinking of you enough to stop, get you a coffee, drive over to your house and drop it off?


If your soul is filled to overflowing then spill some of those blessings into another.


Your friend’s kids will still be rascally. She will still need to prepare meals and finish chores. But being sacrificially served is going to encourage that mama to serve her family with a little more of a joyful skip in her step.


That’s always how it’s been for me. A loved one will ring the doorbell, drop off the coffee and leave me standing at the door filled with love and awe. Questioning what I could have possibly done to deserve such a gift. And, yes, caffeine is a special gift to mamas. I even had a friend add some donuts into that delivery. Yes, please! And thank you!

 Blessings by the Cup Full

Who can you quickly bless today? Do you have a friend who needs a reminder that she’s more than just a mom? Stop by and drop off some liquid love. Or send a $5 gift card. It’s an incredibly simple way to serve others.


**Be a dear and give an additional something wonderful – a little handwritten note of prayer.




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