The Creation Museum

August 19, 2013


Last week we decided, kind of on a whim, to make the long drive to the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky {right near Cincinnati}. We’ve wanted to visit ever since it was built but we kept having babies! Well, this past May we were blessed to be able to listen to Ken Ham at Teach Them Diligently. I had heard of many people who loved his teachings and I had visited the Answers in Genesis website many times over the years but had never heard him speak. So first, totally shocked that he’s Australian. Didn’t see that coming. Second, I was shocked to hear that there are “christians” who don’t believe the Bible. Ken Ham teaches, or rather reiterates, what the Bible says about the earth and all that is in it being created within six literal days. Even when I wasn’t a true convert I still believed that. So when he started playing clip after clip of some of the most influential pastors that I follow saying that they believed in millions of years, well, shocked doesn’t quite capture my feelings at that moment. So now we were even more determined to go to the Creation Museum to see what all it was about.

We turned a seven hour long road trip into eleven hours. Thank you so much little child bladders.


The next morning, after a nights rest from traveling, was so pleasant. Folks, I love, love, love the north. Like, ridiculously love. I am such a yankee. The big open fields and all the lush trees. It made my heart pitter patter with admiration of His creation. Perfect entryway to a museum that is all about exalting our Creator.


The museum itself is like none other. You would think it would be all about how God created the earth, right? You would be wrong. It includes a lot of theories of evolution. It talks a lot about millions/billions of years. Not in support of, mind you. But they are not afraid to put the opposing theory up because it is what believers are up against these days.


To add to God’s word is wrong and we need to teach these new generations the truth. To not allow them to trust the world over Yahweh. What kind of believers would we be if we allowed non-believers/atheists to dictate what the Bible says?

The museum is huge. Just to give a brief overview they talk about fossils…

Lucy …



the 7 C’s…


Noah and the ark…



creationmuseum5{that’s right people, naked and unashamed}




a beautiful garden area…


and a petting zoo…

creationmuseum13{nicest donkey ever!}

There’s much more, including an amazing zip line tour! {what? you didn’t think Christians are allowed to have fun did you?} My sister took to the sky a few weeks previous and had a great time! When our little ones are older, if I have the courage, I think I’d like to have a go.

The Creation Museum is such a breath of fresh air. If you’re a follower of Christ or even if you’re a straight up atheist you need to make a visit. The drive was long and curvy to get there but definitely worth it. I’m anxiously anticipating the opening of the Ark Encounter. This Bible based theme park-esque should be opening within the next couple years. Move over Disney!



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