On the Box

August 21, 2013


This summer has been the season that I’ve been yearning for since I became a follower of Christ. We have been heavily learning how to share our faith. Without using Christianese.

Without sharing my entire conversion story right now let’s boil it down to the fact I was an atheist one year prior {thanks to a philosophy class in high school}. The only Bible I had was a children’s Bible that I read only the first couple pages of over the years. We had a large, old, family Bible but it was on a stand for display, never opened. So when I became a follower of Christ it was drastic! I was on fire! I wanted to tell everybody! But not having a Bible I didn’t know what to tell anybody.

Fast forward 14 1/2 years.

I began listening to On the Box with Ray Comfort. Don’t ask me how. I can honestly tell you that I do not remember how I came upon this. I had known of Way of the Master for years {since 2002?} but never really dug too deep into it. For whatever reason, Yahweh opened my eyes a few months ago and taught me so much that no church has ever attempted to. The churches I’ve attended have always taught to “bring a friend to church!” Ok, great, now what? I was never even taught how or why to invite people. I know that may sound stupid to some people but it really didn’t make sense. I mean, why should I stop my friend from going to another religious service? Why should they come to my church? Sure you can easily invite friends to a bonfire or movie night, but isn’t fellowship with Christ more than that? So when we began listening to On the Box I became addicted! This is what I have needed!

I am so thankful that my children have also been hungrily eating up God’s word and sharing it with others. So here is the main purpose of this post. My second daughter has been having a conversation with a dear friend of mine on instagram. My friend is a true follower of Christ, but she wanted to help my daughter out so she heckled her! She caused my daughter to dig deep and really understand her faith. The catch? We did this on instagram so she had to respond to my friends questions within 15 seconds! Let me tell ya, that got the whole family involved! Trying to pare down a long explanation into a Reader’s Digest response was difficult but helped all of us to be rooted down deeper.

Without further ado here are nine 15 second clips of my daughter answering her “heckler”

The first video is my daughter calling me out. This is what started it all.

My friend saw what was going on and decided to join in. I asked her question to my daughter.

From here on out I would ask my daughter the question and then videotape her. So I’ll post the response/question above the rest of the videos.

“You said I won’t be allowed in heaven because I’ve broken God’s commandments…so I just stay in the ground when I die.”

“I don’t know-I’m still searching. But if there is a god-why does he let bad things happen to good peaople.”

“Well I recognize I’m not the best person…I could be better…but I’m not as bad as some people…You keep mentioning Jesus…but I’m still not sure why this name matters…”

“Yes. But little white lies, those are no big deal…right?”

“Certainly not intentionally but probably. So, you are going to call me a thief…if I’m all these bad things and I am destined for God’s prison-why do you still want to talk to me?”

“Ok so I need a doctor…how do I get well?” {two part answer}

I hope this has encouraged you or maybe made you curious. Go check out the On the Box youtube channel and soak it all up! There are years of videos on there that are so incredibly beneficial! And then start a convo with people on instagram. It’s a great way to make sure you know what you believe.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15



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