Summer Twister

July 9, 2012

We just finished our Five Days of Family Fun for the summer and we are wiped out! It was too hot to go to the beach and too expensive to vacation anywhere so we chose to stay home and mark activities off our summer bucket list. One of the best vacations ever! And I really can’t overstate how incredibly exhausting it was. So much so that I have posts galore to share with you this month! Most ideas were taken off Pinterest {tweaked here and there}.

Without further ado – the activity that will last all summer! Summer Twister.

This idea was taken from DIY Showoff but was changed to accommodate us. That wonderful man of mine went out and bought us some yard paint. To make the circles I simply took an old banker box and traced a dinner plate on the inside. Then it was cut out using a utility knife. The circle that was cut out could have been used to make the spinny thing for the game but we ended up just writing directions on index cards and flipping through them {right foot blue, left hand yellow}.

Below you can see how we sprayed the paint onto the grass using the banker box. And since it’s yard paint it shouldn’t kill our grass, right?

Spraying the circles was actually really fun. Took about five minutes to do. The children then had to wait until I was sure that the paint was dry enough for them to play on. Once they got the go ahead they were all over it!

Even the littlest one tried to play. Right Head On Red.

So there ya go, there’s a project for you and your family this weekend. Fast, easy, fun and highly entertaining! Plus you don’t have to bother with that silly Twister canvas getting all messed up under your feet. Have fun!



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