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Prepping for Allume

October 19, 2013

::Just a quick update::

We found out just over two weeks ago that we’ll be relocating to Nashville. So to say things have been hectic is a major understatement. Getting a house of eight ready to show is kinda crazy. Thankfully I’ve taken some fantastic advice from The Nester and have made this place look Nest-tastic! Pictures to follow once it’s ready.


So while I’m completely sleep deprived we’ve had many confirmations from Yahweh that this is the direction He wants us to go. I can’t wait to share those with you!

Also, I’ve taken up the position of Media Relations with Cities 4 Life. I can not even begin to tell you how much this fills my heart with joy! We’re looking to start a blogger affiliates program, so all you peeps at Allume can be prepared. My husband and I will both be attending. He’ll be speaking on behalf of Food for the Hungry.

Gotta run. Til I need another excuse to stop prepping the house…