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And the Winner is…

February 15, 2014

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First off I want to apologize for not pulling a winner earlier in the week. We were stuck in Florida! It’s not our fault. That snow storm kept us on vacation longer than intended. I know, I know, you feel horrible for us. Don’t worry, my sunburn is feeling better. I coated my shoulders with the Nourishing Skin Treatment.

Are you ready for the announcement of the winner?

Are ya? Are ya?

So, I’m not all fancy shmancy with contests so I wrote out each name on pieces of paper and tossed them into a bowl. Everybody, no matter how many comments, was entered only once.

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Having been absent for a long time let’s kick off with a contest! Wanna know why there haven’t been any posts? We’ve been sick. And with a large family when the family gets sick you’re down and out for over a month. And my biggest regret during the entire sickness? We didn’t use our essential oils! They were sitting there all nice and pretty and I didn’t even use them to fend off the bug that eventually took over our house. Had I been proactive we all could have saved ourselves a lot of money and trips to the store picking up medicine/chicken noodle soup/orange juice/etc.

Let me introduce you to the newest line of essential oils.

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