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Lox and Bagel – THM

April 15, 2014

Lox and Bagel - Trim Healthy Mama -

 This is a weakness of mine. The Skinny Chocolate is delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I was thrilled when my husband and I figured out how to make lox & bagel Trim Healthy Mama approved as an E meal. Continue Reading…


There have been so many days where I’m just lacking energy. After birthing a half dozen babies it’s no wonder. This delicious drink here has done wonders to my energy levels. And I have no doubt it helps boost that worn out immune system.

Compliments of Trim Healthy Mama the Singing Canary tastes, to me, just like an orangecicle! Now, the first time I made it was just like a tart lemon drink. But I recalled people talking about how divine it tasted so I made it one more time and added a good dose of sweetener. Yeah, that did it. Extra Truvia/Stevia made this drink worth the hassle it takes to make it.

Here is a copy of the recipe and I’ll just briefly go over how I make it.

2 lemons
4000 mg Vitamin C (buffered ascorbic acid powder or tablets or whatever is in your cupboard that does not include sugar or dyes)
1 tsp. non irradiated turmeric powder
1 flat, tsp. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
2 tsp. Whey Protein Powder (look for CFM whey protein isolate)
3 generous pinches of high mineral salt like Celtic Sea Salt
3 splashes vanilla extract
Pure Stevia Extract to taste

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Singing Canary

Peel two lemons. Slice and remove the seeds. I like to have as much Rutin as I can in my drink so I leave as much of the white rind as I can. Then blend with three cups of water for 30 seconds.

Singing Canary-2

Nice and frothy now.

Singing Canary-3

Next pour the blended lemon and water into a nut milk bag. Capture the thick remains in the bag while allowing the lemon water to pour into a pitcher. Next you will squeeze and mush around the bag. Making sure you get as much of the liquid as you can out.

Singing Canary-4

You’ll be left with this fun little ball of lemon dough. It’s neat but throw it out. Unless you can think of something creative to do with it. I have yet to come up with anything. Put it down your disposal to freshen you kitchen drain?

I then add the remaining ingredients to the blender and mix them up. Last I re-add the lemon water with a very good amount of Truvia and/or Stevia. Keep taste testing it til you’re satisfied.

I have yet to add the essential oil but I’m just now beginning to explore EO’s. Seems like a good thing. I’ll update later.

I will definitely be making this many times this week as we begin to tackle spring cleaning!

Singing Canary-5



thm photo

Last September I ordered a book called Trim Healthy Mama. I remember hearing about it a year earlier but just kind of blew it off because of the price. And I recall there was a deal at the time to get a pre-release price of $25? Er, something like that. Again, for somebody as cheap as I am I just carried on. Besides, I was pregnant. Fast forward a year and I was eager to pay $35 and wait weeks for it to arrive. Yeah, fair warning, sometimes this book takes a long time to ship. It’s that popular y’all! And that worth it.

What is Trim Healthy Mama? Well, first off, let’s shorten it to THM, ok? This new way of eating is full of abbreviations. S, E, FP, FSF, etc. So, THM is a way of eating. It’s NOT a diet. When I think of a diet I think of counting carbs, counting fat grams, blah blah blah. There is a little bit of counting here but not to the Weight Watcher’s extreme. Having birthed six babies I’ve tried countless diets. You name it, I did it. Although, I never did the cabbage soup diet cause that’s just gross.

I’ll try to explain it to you, but really, you need to buy the book. There’s a reason why it’s over 600 pages in length. It is CHOCK FULL of information! So, let me boil it down. There are Satisfying meals and there are Energizing meals. The foods that are allowed for the S meals are different from the foods allowed for the E meals. If you marry the two meals it is then called a Crossover. I feed Crossover meals to my kids all the time, because they don’t need to lose weight. Let me give you an example of a day of eating for me:

S Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with diced zucchini and nutritional yeast {it tastes like cheese}. A cup of coffee with a splash of heavy cream and Truvia.

E Lunch – Two rye Wasa crackers spread with Laughing Cow light cheese, sandwiched together with sliced turkey and mustard. And a piece of fruit, like an apple.

FP Snack – Fat Stripping Frappe {it tastes EXACTLY like a Wendy’s Frosty}

S Dinner – Eggplant Lasagna

S Dessert – Cake in a Mug

Seriously, I’m not suffering on this “diet” at all. Are you curious about my numbers? Well, I started at 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight back in September. Then came the whole moving to Nashville thing. When you’re selling your house and packing and moving you’ll eat whatever you can get your hands on. Diets are a major no-go. So I kind of just brush off those two months. When we arrived in Nashville in December I jumped back onto the THM way of eating. It is now mid-January and I am 5 pounds away from my WEDDING WEIGHT! I just weighed in this morning and still can’t believe it. I haven’t been this low in YEARS! Now, as I said, I’ve had six babies so everything is distributed a little differently. And I was at the gym daily when I was engaged. I still need to up my exercise routine {you know, as if taking care of a half dozen kidlets isn’t enough}. My kids are eager to see me in my wedding dress again.

I’m adding a new weekly series “Trim Healthy Tuesdays.” You guys, my husband is an amazing cook. He has been so helpful in making me unique dishes that are THM approved. The only problem is, he never writes down a recipe. So I will post recipes here every Tuesday. It may have exact measurements, it may not. That’s one thing I’m very thankful for. I used to be an awful cook, I just didn’t know how. Now, because of THM, I’m learning how to properly cook. I’m learning to taste as I go and not to blindly follow recipes.

Ready for the first recipe?

sweet tea thm

I was really sick from Christmas to New Years and stayed in bed the entire time. Know what I did? Finally watched this thing called “Duck Dynasty” that everybody was talking about. Oh wow, I loooooooved it! And every time I saw Si drinking his tea I wanted some! Now, I came to find out that he drinks unsweetened tea. But having lived in the south for a good amount of time I’ve become accustomed to good sweet tea. Here, my friends is the THM that I’ve come up with. Remember to taste as you go and change it up if you need to. For me, I decided not to go with Chick Fil A uber-sweet.

– THM Sweet Tea –

1 large bag of Tazo Iced Tea
1/2t NuNaturals Stevia
1/2T Truvia
Lemon slices for glass
Straw, you definitely need a straw

That’s it. Simple, right? I prepare the tea as told on the directions of the box. I want to try some decaffeinated tea so it won’t be so much of a diuretic. But for now this is deelish!

Thought I’d start out with something really simple. Plus it’s getting late and I need to go to bed. May have to have a lil cake in a mug first 😉