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During the Daniel Fast I began drinking my meals at times. We had bought a juicer a year ago and used it occasionally but never to its full capacity. I’d juice grapefruits or apples on their own but never got into mixing different fresh fruits. And I NEVER juiced vegetables. My gag reflex just wouldn’t let me. Ew.

Having gone through the detox and submitting to the Daniel Fast my taste buds changed. I was more willing to try new and healthful foods.

I was not disappointed. The tastes of fresh fruits and vegetables. The amount of nutrients. Sharing these drinks with my children. All extremely beneficial. The cost is outrageous. I’m not going to hide that. I know that during the summer it’ll be much easier and probably even healthier to get the freshest produce. So if the cost would scare you off then wait until summer. Farmer’s Markets are a steal in July.

This was a great teaching opportunity for our children as well. They explored the produce department right along with us. And at home they would try the new concoctions that Mama would make. Only on one occasion was their a slight regret. The sweet little cherubs had left carrot orange juice on the kitchen table and the littlest one reached as high as he could, took hold of a full cup and spilled it all over our carpet. The stain is still there.

But I can tell you this, I haven’t felt this healthy since I was a teenager. When I came off the fast I joined the family in the ‘normal’ eating habits. I’m going to rebel and return to juicing. The energy it gives is worth passing up the Starbucks.

Speaking of, I do want to add that I tried desperately to find places where I could buy fresh juice while the family would eat out. The only place I was able to go to was Earth Fare. Every other place that offered ‘juice’ or a ‘smoothie’ was laden with sweeteners or yogurt. I have nothing against yogurt but I question how it’s made.

If you’re interested in getting a juicer we got, probably, the lowest end model but we think it is superb. The Breville Juice Fountain. At the time it was around $150. We chose this one because it was in the price range of what we were willing to spend and had wonderful reviews.

This model is such a beast you don’t even need to cut the apples {unless, of course, they don’t fit in without being cut}. Just drop them in the chute and it’ll separate the dry pulp and the juice. In case you’re intimidated – it’s not hard to clean. I spray it down with the kitchen sink hose and leave it to dry on the dish rack. It also easily fits in the dishwasher.

So this week I’m going to bombard you with recipes. I hope you’re open to trying something new and exciting!

If you’re looking for more information on juicing watch the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. A wealth of information and encouragement.


This simple salad has been a staple during the Daniel Fast for me. It’s very filling and very nutritious. A love of sushi helps. The ingredients are all a kind of use-however-much-you-want. It’s like making any kind of salad. Use less or more of what you like.


a sheet of nori
one avocado
cooked quinoa
1t dark sesame oil
2T tamari
hot sauce {the photo above is from pre-Daniel Fast and I used sriracha, but that is not allowed on the fast as it has sugar and such}

Simply put about a cup of quinoa in a bowl and add the tamari and sesame oil. Stir together. Add diced avocado and a sheet of shredded Nori. I just ripped it but I have used scissors before. You can use half an avocado or a whole avocado depending on size and how hungry you are. Then add a few drops of hot sauce and enjoy! This dish is simply devine! A great switch up from the normal day to day meals. Although, after almost 21 days I’m getting kind of tired of it.

I hope this helps you on your fast!


This is a quick and simple snack you can enjoy during the Daniel Fast. Not much more to say other than apple, real nut butter {peanut butter, almond butter, etc} and raisins. Easy peasy!

This fast has been very eye opening and I’m looking forward to writing a post at the end. I definitely encourage you to start if you’re thinking about doing one.


Fresh Almond Milk

January 7, 2012

Here is another very friendly Daniel Fast recipe. I apologize for all the recipe posts I’ll be putting up the next few weeks but I really want to encourage those who may be struggling with the fast. And one of the things you’re not allowed to have is dairy. You’re also not allowed to drink anything other than water. However, you’re allowed to use almond milk in recipes {just as long as it’s not being used as a beverage}

“Test your servants for ten days; let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink.”
{Daniel 1:12 ESV}

For example, I have used almond milk in Bob’s Red Mill Granola to soak.

All you will need is: 1 cup of raw almonds and 4 cups of filtered water.

That’s it.

Place the almonds in the water and allow them to soak for up to six hours.

Next place the water and almonds in a blender and blend. Keep a towel nearby as I had a little bit of spill to clean up. Or split it into two batches.

When there is foam on top is when you’re done blending.

Next pour out the mixture into a cheesecloth that is covering a large bowl or measuring cup. This will separate the almond meal from the milk. Press down on the meal with the back of a spoon to encourage the milk to drain. Every so often it’s good to scrape out the meal from the cheesecloth. I’ve read that you can keep the meal and use it in other recipes if you want.

{I used a cheesecloth but since I love this recipe so much I ended up buying a nut milk bag to make it easier. I was able to get one for $7 so they’re not that expensive, but definitely only if you plan on making this often.}

And that’s it. The almond milk will keep in the fridge from four to five days. If so desired you can add honey and a teaspoon of vanilla during the blending process to sweeten the taste. I hope this helps you as you fast or if you’re choosing to eat healthier.


Raw Apple Crisp

January 4, 2012

Having been on the Daniel Fast for three days {and I’m loving it!} I’ve noticed how difficult it can be finding good recipes. Not that the focus of the fast is to enjoy the foods you’re allowed to eat, but in the hope of helping others focus more on God during this time I want to offer some recipes over the next few weeks that are especially tasty.

Raw Apple Crisp

This recipe comes from Whole Foods. A favorite of my kids. You can mix it up by choosing your own favorite apples or nuts.


4 Honeycrisp apples, cored and chopped
1/4 cup orange juice
3/4 cup pecan halves
3/4 cup hazelnuts
3/4 cup raisins
3/4 teaspoon ground ginger
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon


Put apples in an 8-inch square baking dish or 2-quart casserole dish. Drizzle with orange juice, toss until the fruit is coated and smooth the top. In a food processor, combine pecans, hazelnuts, raisins, ginger and cinnamon and pulse just until chopped. Spoon the nut mixture over the apple mixture and serve.