Chalkboard Wall Art

October 25, 2011

Have you ever been to Pinterest? It is a crafters dream site! So many ideas to ignite any desire you may have to create. From baby showers to weddings to home decor and everything in between! Recipes, words of encouragement, hairstyles, etc. It’s so easy to waste hours on there.

I’m currently in the process of redecorating my home office. I have very little funds to do this so the intent is to create everything. No buying anything that doesn’t require an artistic touch. And thus was born the Chalkboard Wall Art. I saw this link on Pinterest and knew this would be the perfect project! The total cost? Around $30. And the total measurement is 60″ x 48″.

I used nine 16 x 20 canvases. They were sold in a two pack and were 40% off at Michael’s. Very cost effective.

When I got home I grabbed an old can of chalkboard paint from the garage. Each canvas then received two coats of paint. We did this outside so it dried rather quickly.

After all the canvases had dried we flipped them over and laid them out how they would be hung. Remember how cheap I am? Rather than install nine hangers in the wall and risk them being off just a little bit I taped all the canvases together. They are ridiculously lightweight. A bit of masking tape and they were stuck together!

{You can see how tall this is compared to my nine year old}

Three nails in the wall at the top and then it was hung up. We found a piece of chalk and went to writing.

Ann Voskamp‘s quote from One Thousand Gifts is a perfect daily reminder to always be thankful.




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