Pom Pom Wreath

September 5, 2011

The good Lord, our creator, created us to create! To create beautiful art that will glorify Him! He supplies us with so much to release our inner artist. Why we try to stamp out our desire to create as we get older is beyond me. Sometimes we think art is meant only within the four walls of an elementary school classroom. Sisters, let me tell you, it’s meant for every day of your life. Live your life colorful!

As we’re coming into the anxiously anticipated autumn season I wanted to share a little craft with you, a pom-pom wreath. It really is so incredibly simple. I just might put my older girls in charge of it this year. It does take a long time but it can easily be done while watching tv or, my favorite, listening to a sermon!

I first got this idea from a fellow blogger, Stefani. Such a fun, simple and inexpensive wreath. I’m sorry, but I refuse to spend $70 on a wreath for my front door that is going to battle the harsh outdoor elements. No, $10 spent at Michael’s craft store is much more reasonable.

Pick out your favorite colors of yarn. I chose the color theme of our decor. And begin wrapping a color around your hand. I believe these particular pom-poms were wrapped around 75 times? Here is a great tutorial on how to make pom-poms. I wanted mine big so I wrapped around all four fingers. The wreath you see below ended up with 48 pom-poms.

I simply took a piece of yarn that was the same color as the pom-pom and tied each one on. You can see a pattern was used here but it would be equally as beautiful with no pattern at all! It’s your wreath and your choice.

I hope you find some time this autumn to create one. And if not you, have your kids have a go at it. Simply even making one for their bedroom door. Allow them to express their creative little selves. Have fun and be patient. It takes a bit of time but it makes a lasting impression!



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