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September 2, 2014

Rum Cake Recipe -

This week Emily shows us how to make a family favorite – Rum Cake!

We typically make this cake for small celebrations, not birthdays. This week we have two daughters who will be celebrating their half birthdays. So this was an easy fix. One cake = 1/2 for one girl + 1/2 for the other. I promise you, once you try this cake you’ll be thinking of all sorts of reasons to make it! Continue Reading…

How to Cube a Watermelon -

My husband and I saw this video going around of this guy cubing a watermelon really stinkin’ fast. Having a large family we thought that would be really convenient but was it really true? There are so many fake videos out there it’s hard to know what’s legitimate. This deserved our attention though. This had the potential to be a real time {and watermelon} saver. We have this horrible habit of buying watermelons when they’re on sale and letting them sit on the kitchen counter until they’re just sketchy enough to be tossed.

I really don’t like the mess of watermelons. All that sticky juice that gets slathered all over the children’s faces…blech. I’m not a neat freak but watermelons are one of my downfalls.

So we tried the cubing method.

We’re sold! No more slices of watermelon for us thankyouverymuch! The kids still get nasty but clean up in the kitchen is much easier!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Go enjoy yourselves some of the last watermelon of the season.


My oldest daughter, Emily, has entered sixth grade this year and will be taking a class on video production. Dang I love homeschooling!

When we were dating my husband would tell me all about his video production class in high school and he’d show me videos upon videos that he had been a part of. Maybe, if y’all are extra nice to me I’ll share some of those 😉

I knew we would want video making to be a big part of our family. Since our dating days I would film all of his football games that he coached. Next he would take all the footage and make an end of the year video for all of his players. I’ve been an enthusiastic photographer since 2005, having won contests and have been published in two books. Then with smart phones we’ve been able to film a lot, but it just wasn’t the same. I’m thankful for the short little clips but I miss the long videos. I do not, however, miss the vhs tapes. At all. And my camera has gotten A LOT heavier since the beginning.


Apple Coffee Cake - Continue Reading…