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How to Cube a Watermelon -

My husband and I saw this video going around of this guy cubing a watermelon really stinkin’ fast. Having a large family we thought that would be really convenient but was it really true? There are so many fake videos out there it’s hard to know what’s legitimate. This deserved our attention though. This had the potential to be a real time {and watermelon} saver. We have this horrible habit of buying watermelons when they’re on sale and letting them sit on the kitchen counter until they’re just sketchy enough to be tossed.

I really don’t like the mess of watermelons. All that sticky juice that gets slathered all over the children’s faces…blech. I’m not a neat freak but watermelons are one of my downfalls.

So we tried the cubing method.

We’re sold! No more slices of watermelon for us thankyouverymuch! The kids still get nasty but clean up in the kitchen is much easier!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Go enjoy yourselves some of the last watermelon of the season.