Highly Sensitive Personalities

December 1, 2014

Yeah, so the term Highly Sensitive Person {HSP} is making the rounds on Facebook nowadays. Because, you know, we all need another label.

And this one? I wear with pride. Cause it is me to a T.

Here is a link to the description of what a Highly Sensitive Person is.

My husband is really sweet and tells me I have Disney princess eyes. Sounds really romantic, doesn’t it? I’m thinking it’s more because my eyes become like saucers when I’m in an undesirable environment. Large crowds? My heart will begin galloping at Kentucky Derby speed. My eyes dart around looking for any form of empty space to retreat to. While my husband is pressing in, going toward the crowd pulling six youngin’s with him. All the while doing his best Fezzik impression.


Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride.


And as far as sensitive emotionally? 1000% yes. There are reasons I don’t allow comments on here. Reasons why I leave Facebook on a regular basis. Reasons why I would rather allow others to hurt me than to fight for myself. I kid you not, just this morning I cried in the Starbucks line. And when I’ve been hurt by others it has been known to cause me to wake in the middle of the night, for months, heaving tears.

Or what if you just don’t say anything? Seems innocent, yeah? No, that’s when the little minions start running around in my head trying to figure out what you might be thinking. You may have a headache or your internet may be down but I’ll sit and fret over how I hurt you. Even if I did absolutely nothing. Or that vaguebook you posted? That’s about me, isn’t it. Oh I know it is. What are you trying to say?

See y’all? Messed. Up.

And I know there are so many of you out there that are exactly the same! In my head this is an introvert all the way. But maybe I’m wrong? Either way, be careful with your words. Be careful with your actions. Once something is said it can never be unheard. Especially by an HSP. It’s like cud to us. We’ll just chew on it and chew on it.

My loves, don’t be ashamed of being sensitive. That’s the way God created you and He doesn’t make mistakes. And honestly? This world could use more people who are sensitive. We’ve tried so hard to change each other and to toughen up. Why? To conform to the pattern of this world? There is so much beauty in being fragile.

Your children may be the same. Be very gentle with them. You may be crushing their sweet little souls without even realizing it. I know I’m guilty of that. Slow down. Observe those around you and gently learn peoples behaviors. There is no television show better than the reality you’re living right now. These characters before you are one of a kind. When you are harsh with somebody it is most likely because of pride.

Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered. (1 Peter 3:7 ESV)

Women are meant to be treated like porcelain. Not like a toilet.

Slow down. Listen. Encourage.




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