The Best Birthday Present Ever

September 5, 2013

baby me

I found out, only a few short months ago, that I was moments away from not being here.

You see, these little ones that I fight for every week, that was almost me.

I’d rather keep the details private {for now} but when the truth was revealed to me it was like being born again. And I’ve already been born again spiritually! Since that day the word ‘Eucharisteo’ has never meant so much to me. My life is so filled with thanksgiving. Knowing that my Creator saved me and used what was meant for evil for His good…eucharisteo, my loves, eucharisteo. Six weeks later I was born and I don’t think I’ve loved my mother more than I did when she was willing to tell me everything about my past. Crazy, right? It doesn’t make sense but I’m here and I’m thankful that she gave birth to me! Eucharisteo! And look at all these beautiful babies I’ve had that wouldn’t have been here. Eucharisteo!

Some people have told me that they’re so sorry or that I need to weep about this. On the contrary, I have been filled with such an incredible joyfulness and courage! And a loving fear of God. He spared my life. How can I not stand on the sidewalks and pray for the lives of these little ones? Those sidewalk counselors that were outside that hot summer day in 1980 had no idea there was a save that day. I wish I knew who they were. But alas, I have no doubt I can thank them for their prayers when I go Home.

Brothers and Sisters, your prayers are not in vain. Sidewalk counseling is rough. Nobody likes you. Heck, even the local churches seem to turn a blind eye, as if God’s children aren’t being dismembered just down the street. I’m not asking you to pray about joining us. I’m telling you to join us.

Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.

-Charles Studd

Happy Birthday to me! I love you mom! Thank you!

And thank you Father!





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