Build Your Nest

December 7, 2011

I have a dear friend who, just yesterday, found out the gender of her fourth baby. I’ve been waiting for this day almost as long as she has because I’ve been wanting to give her a birds nest necklace with all her little chicks in the nest. But I needed to know what colors to use! And now I know. Two green and two pink. How perfect.

These necklaces are ridiculously easy to make and a joy to give away. They cost around $4 per necklace. I’m betting you could make them for even less, though.

All you need is some jewelry wire, your choice of beads, a plain necklace to string it on and some needle nose pliers.

Thread your beads onto the wire {I put on as many children as the family has}. Twirl them around til they are in the design that you like. Four beads, as you can see, makes a pretty and simple circle. Using the wire just begin securing, and twisting the beads on.

Begin spinning the wire around like a nest. This part is tricky as the wire isn’t attached securely just yet. Continue spinning to the thickness you desire.

Then have some fun and get creative. Weave the wire in and out to make it look like a *real* nest. Just play with it. Each design will be unique and breathtakingly beautiful.

When you’re finished use the end of the wire to make a loop so your nest can hang from the necklace. Then tuck any loose wires in so the necklace wearer doesn’t get poked. The pliers are very helpful in this step. And there you go. A beautiful, inexpensive, handmade gift for any mother.



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