A Special Eucharisteo

November 24, 2011

Today, I want us to think about every time we hear our children say thank you. I have to say, I have been overly blessed with very grateful children. They’re so grateful that at times I sinfully believe that they must be trying to cover up something. But no. They are genuinely thankful. Just how we should be before God. If my children never said ‘thank you’ for what we gave them I can’t honestly tell you that we would have a good relationship. I love them dearly but when there is no showing of appreciation it hurts. I want my children to always be aware of the sacrifice of others. Thankfulness begins when our sense of entitlement ends. When we realize that what we have is not what we deserve we are able to count it all as thanks.

And so I want to thank my children and my husband for graciously and continually showing me how to slow down and appreciate every moment.

As a mom of five it’s so easy for me to hear the words of the world and to “consider myself” and to “take care of my needs”. I think that message has been so pounded into us that we forget about the feelings of those in our midst. I’m daring the mothers out there to trust that God is there taking care of you while you are taking care of those around you. Don’t put your feet up just because “you deserve it”. Instead, wash the feet of your loved ones. Serve them with your whole heart and soul.

Show love to those around you. Say thank you to those who willingly serve you. Whether it be at the grocery, holding the door at church or delivering your mail. And fall on your knees before God and thank Him for all that He lovingly gives to you and your family. The big, the small, the blessings that make you smile and yes, even the hard eucharisteo.

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