Play Hooky

August 13, 2011

Sometimes you just need a day off. Work gets too monotonous. Housework is just piling up and you can’t seem to find an end. School for the children is hindering their creativity. Everyone seems to just be in a funk. That’s when you know it’s time to take the day off and spend it as a family just having fun. This past week was our day for playing hooky. My husband surprised us with a trip to the mountains to go apple picking!

We got to breathe in God’s beautiful creation. No walls. No screens. Just beautiful landscape and fresh air. The children were able to run and play freely. There was no discipline that day. Not that we wouldn’t have had it been needed, but the little ones had such an enjoyable time there were no tears, no arguments, just smiles and laughter.

The feeling of joy and accomplishment was written all over their faces. Although their baskets were heavy and we had to rummage to find untainted apples we were all together. Helping one another. Dreaming about all the goodies we were going to make.

If you find yourself running into the everyday conundrum plan a day of escape. A day to rejuvenate your tired souls. A day to reconnect with your loved ones. Our Lord commands a day of rest for a reason. He created us and knows how much our bodies can handle. Ask for His guidance in what kind of rest would be most beneficial for your family.

For us it was a day of apple picking. We’re now in the process of preparing many, many batches of apple butter to give out to friends near and far. Always be thinking of how you can bless others through your own blessings. There are always opportunities to show God’s love in practical ways.

{We added an extra little surprise to finish off our day of apple picking. Freshly made donuts. Made right before of our eyes.}

Obey your heavenly Father and rest. Enjoy the art that He’s surrounded you with. And I pray you will be blessed because of it.



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