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DIY Pom Pom Wreath -

I was perusing Pinterest when I saw this beauty come up! Gorgeous wreath, isn’t it?

anthro wreath{photo taken from the Anthropologie website.

Now, I love Anthropologie. The majority of my wardrobe is from there. And I covet everything in their home decor section. But, if you have the time to make a pom pom wreath {and you have extra hands willing to help}, these are extremely easy to make! Continue Reading…

Birds Need Decor, Too

April 16, 2014

Birds Need Decor, Too -

You know one thing that’s always bothered me? Male birds. They always look the best. They’re the colorful ones while the females are dull looking. Humans are quite the opposite, aren’t we? Look at cardinals, peacocks, blue birds, etc. It is time to start giving some beauty back to these little ladies. I have one daughter that, ever since I can remember, has been fascinated with birds. Funny enough, I received a tiny bird bath as a gift when she was born. This project made her and her siblings so excited. We gathered all of our yarn and twine and also a produce bag that perviously carried apples. Continue Reading…