FH Bloggers – Guatemala

August 7, 2013

The Food for the Hungry Blogger team is down in Guatemala for only a couple more days. Last night they had their Twitter Party and trended at #1 for #fhbloggers! How awesome is that??


Now that the Guatemala team has been able to get some internet connection you have got to set aside time today to go to each of their blogs and just soak in all that they are doing/learning/experiencing. I love what Lindsey captured so eloquently…

I want to live like them. Actually that’s not accurate. I want to love like them. 

Here are links to all the bloggers on the trip.

Michelle Sarabia

Raechel Myers

Peas and Thank You

37 Degrees

Prodigal Magazine

Lindsey Nobles

Jeremy Reis

Grab yourself a cup of coffee {from what I hear it won’t be near as good as what they’ve got down there} and grab your laptop and just enjoy reading alongside of them on their journey. And don’t forget why they are there. If you, too, are interested in sponsoring a child through Food for the Hungry read through their posts to see exactly what kind of impact FH has on a country like Guatemala.

Sponsor a Child Today!

Here is a video my husband shot yesterday. God bless.



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