Honoring the Fourth Commandment

July 28, 2013

white rose

For the past couple months I have been deep in study mode concerning the gospel and how to share it. But honestly, that is a huge post for another day. Basically what I want to talk about today is one commandment that I have been openly rebelling against. That, my friends, is the fourth commandment. All the commandments, because I am a follower of Christ, I have been trying my hardest to follow. I don’t lie, intentionally. I don’t steal, intentionally. I don’t murder, intentionally. And on and on. BUT I have willfully been ignoring the fourth commandment. With full knowledge. I do get caught with other idols {Facebook, anyone?} but I then acknowledge said idol and try to turn my eyes back to the Lord. But that fourth commandment. A mean, really? Keep the sabbath day holy? How am I expected to do that? Are we supposed to get all Laura Ingalls on this and just sit and stare at each other for hours?

Last week my husband and I decided to obey this command. We made meals the day before so we wouldn’t have to cook. We are now part of a wonderful church where we fellowship and break bread together after every service. So my husband, the cook of the family, made a casserole the night before for breakfast. He made stromboli the night before for us to take and share with everyone after church. And honestly I can’t remember what we did for dinner. Crockpot chicken?

And this past week do you know what day I was most looking forward to? That’s right!!! SUNDAY!!! Not only did we receive teachings from our pastor but we also were able to fellowship with some pretty amazing brothers and sisters. Followers who weren’t eagerly clamoring to their cars once the service was over. I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful it is to fellowship. Truly fellowship.

Well, my loves, it is still the sabbath and here I am writing a blog post. But that is because I want to encourage you to also obey that fourth commandment. Don’t overlook it. Your soul needs a break. Your body needs a break. This is a day to praise and worship our creator. Spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ and exalt His glorious name!

I found this beautifully written in The Child’s Book on the Sabbath by Rev. Horace Hooker.

But let me remind you, my children, at the close of our long conversation on the manner of keeping the Sabbath, that the duties I have mentioned must be performed in a proper spirit. You may break the Sabbath while doing them all. If the heart and life are examined without a desire to grow better; if the Bible is read only out of curiosity, or to see how many chapters may be read over in a day; if public worship is attended only from custom, or to see a friend, or because it is popular; if you pray and meditate only to quiet conscience, God will frown on your services, and a day will be lost, in which your soul might have been fitted for glory, honor, and immortality. 

And without a proper spirit, the Sabbath will be as unpleasant as it is unprofitable. Its duties will be burdensome, and you will say in your heart, “When will the Sabbath be gone?” But if you have the spirit of the Sabbath in your soul, you will think its precious moments fly away too swiftly. You will almost wish to stop the sun in his course, as he descends towards the western mountains, and the shadows of evening begin to lengthen. You will feel with the poet, as you breathe the pure air, and enjoy the tranquil light of the Sabbath,

Day of all the week the best,
Emblem of eternal rest. 

With such a spirit, the Sabbath will never be a weariness. We shall greet it with a cheerful welcome as it approaches; we shall spend it in joy and praise while it is passing, and when we must part, bid it an unwilling farewell.

And he continues on by sharing this heart felt poem/hymn.


Is there a time when moments flow
More lovelily than all beside?
It is, of all the times below,
A Sabbath eve in summer tide.
O! then the setting sun smiles fair,
And all below, and all above,
The different forms of nature wear
One universal garb of love.
And then the peace that Jesus beams,
The life of grace, the death of sin,
With nature’s placid woods and streams,
Is peace without, and peace within.
Delightful scene! a world at rest,
A God all love, no grief nor fear,
A heavenly hope, a peaceful breast,
A smile unsullied by a tear.
If heaven be ever felt below,
A scene so heavenly, sure, as this
May cause a heart on earth to know
Some foretaste of celestial bliss.
Delightful hour! how soon will night
Spread her dark mantle o’er thy reign;
And morrow’s quick returning light
Must call us to the world again.
Yet will there dawn at last a day,
A SUN that never sets shall rise;
Night will not veil his ceaseless ray,
The heavenly Sabbath never dies!


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