Hidden Poetry

January 11, 2012

This past weekend we decided that with the good weather it was finally time to buckle down and clean out the garage. Not a highly anticipated event and quite a damper on such a beautiful day. But alas, it had to be done. During the purging process a letter was found. A diamond in the rough. We still are unsure of who wrote it. It was one of two children. Whosever it was I plan on keeping this little piece of poetry in my keepsake box.

My little Psalm writers.

Where did they get hearts like this? How is it they teach me so much more than I can ever imagine teaching them? They teach me through their actions. They don’t sit down with a book and instruct me. They live what they believe. The sweet aroma of pure faith.

Have you been in His word recently? Or like this beautiful letter has God’s letters been hidden among the ‘stuff’ in the house. Risking being thrown away? Search for Him. Search the scriptures. Find His letters to you and tuck them away within your heart.



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