Know What You Like

October 17, 2011

There are so many people in our lives nowadays that greatly influence our daily decisions. Maybe it’s your favorite character in a movie. A friend you’re trying to make. A spouse you’re trying to draw closer to. A parental figure you’re seeking approval from. Years and years of trying to please others can leave you lost and unknown in this world.

I was like that. But I remember the night I watched the following clip from Joan of Arcadia and realized I was Dylan {Hilary Duff}.

How humbling. To not even know what kind of food is your favorite. It was then that I realized that I had been living for everybody else and did not know who I was. And so the process began. I slowly began trying different things {and yes, dessert was one of the first} to find out what it truly was that made me happy. I was discovering who it was that God had created. Not this edited version that I had created to look appealing to others.

Let me give you an analogy. My kids love to draw. They take a piece of paper and scribble. Some are just that, scribbles. The older girls draw elaborate scenes. But no matter whose drawing it is, if one of the children leans over and begins to draw on the original artwork of her sister – oh boy do we hear it! Screams of injustice! From a young age we recognize the wrongs of changing what somebody else has created. So why do we accept it as adults? Why is it ok to let others scribble and change God’s workmanship? Are we not thankful for how He has made us?

All it takes from your past is one disapproving comment. One childish joke. Even just a raise of an eyebrow to doubt who you are. But when you start to discover your true desires you need to back that up with confidence. Even as an adult you’ll still receive sideways comments from people who are not walking with the Lord. Remember that those people did not create you. They don’t care about the plans He has for you. Trust in the One who loves you and who wants the best for you. Pray for strength to stand up for yourself. Encourage the weaker ones.

Start today. What is your favorite dessert? What is your favorite scripture verse? How do you like your eggs? What is your favorite color?

Simple? Maybe. But I know I personally struggled with the last question for, literally, years. So much so that I would answer ‘rainbow’ because I didn’t want to be judged for my favorite. Take your time but enjoy the process of meeting yourself. You’ve got a lot to learn!



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