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When God Moved Us

December 12, 2013

As I write this we are traveling to our next destination during this lifetime. About six weeks ago we were told to move to Franklin, TN as fast as we could for my husbands work. My love and I decided to give it a go. Any other time when we’ve been asked to move in the past six years was followed by laughter. We were planted in a run down, deserted neighborhood. There was no possible way our house was going to sell. We got in to a new build neighborhood right before the economy crashed. The name was Edemoor. What was supposed to have been 2200 homes turned into around 50. There were dangerously deep sinkholes along the roads. A 20 foot “grand canyon” in the empty lot across from us. Drug dealers and promiscuous teenagers. Random gun shots from drunk country boys sneaking into our backwoods. Moving was just not a possibility.



But God…

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