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The Creation Museum

August 19, 2013


Last week we decided, kind of on a whim, to make the long drive to the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky {right near Cincinnati}. We’ve wanted to visit ever since it was built but we kept having babies! Well, this past May we were blessed to be able to listen to Ken Ham at Teach Them Diligently. I had heard of many people who loved his teachings and I had visited the Answers in Genesis website many times over the years but had never heard him speak. So first, totally shocked that he’s Australian. Didn’t see that coming. Second, I was shocked to hear that there are “christians” who don’t believe the Bible. Ken Ham teaches, or rather reiterates, what the Bible says about the earth and all that is in it being created within six literal days. Even when I wasn’t a true convert I still believed that. So when he started playing clip after clip of some of the most influential pastors that I follow saying that they believed in millions of years, well, shocked doesn’t quite capture my feelings at that moment. So now we were even more determined to go to the Creation Museum to see what all it was about.

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School Year 2012-13

July 31, 2012

Tomorrow we will be beginning our school year. And this is a whole new adventure for us! In the past we’ve stayed within the comforts of one curriculum. It began with A.C.E. and then went onto Abeka. Both are stellar curriculums. But I was feeling left out. We weren’t as hands on as other homeschoolers I knew were. We were ready to cut through our safety net and try something new! So tomorrow, with lots of prayer and a fun filled, jam packed schedule, I present our new curriculums!


This was the easiest subject to choose. My girls begged to continue using Abeka for math. They have enjoyed the storyproblems and just the way they are taught in general. It is workbook based so not a whole lot of hands on, worldly experience there. However, they love it and they are learning! So I couldn’t argue with them on this one. Abeka it is!


This one I had never heard of but when I came across it online it looked like a lot of fun and had high reviews – WriteShop. Very hands on and lots of creativity needed on this. With the stories my girls are constantly coming us with WriteShop seemed like a great use of all those creative buds that are just waiting to be nurtured.


This was definitely more difficult to find. The last subject I finally chose for. After lots of online review comparisons and speaking with fellow homeschoolers we decided to try Rod & Staff for their reading curriculum. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this one just yet since I have yet to really dive into it, but the reviews were glowing!


This subject I was most scared to do. But after choosing it it’s one that I’m very excited to watch the girls learn from. We chose World-Changers of American History. I had some of these books growing up and never considered they could be used as the basis of a history curriculum. We will be reading and giving reports on all the famous Americans this next year.


Ok, this is hands down, the one I am most excited for! We chose Botany from Apologia. I was blessed to hear the beautiful Jeannie Fulbright speak at the Teach Them Diligently conference this past spring and my kids instantly caught on to the idea of notebooking. This curriculum is extremely hands on! Being an artist and a musician I never had an interest in science. However, Mrs. Fulbright has even gotten my stubborn attention with how beautifully and engaging this curriculum is. {I can’t wait to post more about this throughout the year!}

Foreign Languages

We couldn’t just pick one. I took four years of sign language and, although, I could teach my children ASL I really wanted them to know spanish in case we choose to go on a family mission trip. So we chose Rosetta Stone. We were contemplating doing Latin through Rosetta Stone as well but heard better reviews for English from the Roots Up. So this year we will be diving into spanish and latin as a family.


I hesitate to put Bible as a subject in school only because we will be learning from the Bible all day long. At breakfast we will be teaching Character Qualities. One a month. And encouraging the family to take action on what they’ve learned.

At lunch we will be grabbing our notebooks and notebooking using the Abeka Bible flashcards.

At dinner we plan on listening to a sermon while we all help each other to clean the dining and kitchen areas.

And at bedtime we will be using our Jesus Storybook Bible or our Ruth Graham’s Step Into the Bible devotional.

So there you go! We are so excited for our first day of school! I tried to give these sweet youngin’s a month of summer vacation but all they wanted to do was learn the entire time. They taught themselves ASL and the piano. Speaking of, there will be music lessons this year also. Taught by mom for now. They were begging me to start a couple weeks ago but as you can imagine a detailed schedule had to be made up. What I just showed you here is only for two of the children. One of them will be doing A.C.E. this year. The others are still busy learning how to talk and their colors and letters.

Have a great time preparing for your new school year! Whether that means buying a new curriculum or meeting teachers or buying that brand new box of crayons! It’s time for a new season!



School of Tomorrow

July 23, 2012

We’re gearing up to start another year of homeschooling next week and wanted to share with you our favorite curriculum for young children. During the early years we enjoy using A.C.E. {Accelerated Christian Education}. They use wonderful animal stories to teach kindergarteners letter sounds. In each story is a hidden character lesson. Your child will be learning more than just letters and numbers. What we’ve found to be most beneficial is the biblical lessons sewn into each subject. They will be learning Bible stories as its own subject also.

I won’t lie, there are parts that can be construed as politically incorrect. You have to remember that, depending on which edition you get, some of these were written back in the 1970’s. But that in no way makes them any less engaging and enjoyable. Our children have always been eager to read more of each story. A letter sound is given an entire week on it’s own. So for example ā is for āpe. The story talks about aging ape and how he is greedy and not considerate of others. Aging Ape learns a big lesson by the end of the week on how to share. The long letter ā sound is used throughout the entire week.

Throughout the Bible stories the children are taught, in an easy to understand way, about the gospel. They learn about creation, David, Jesus, Paul, etc. There are stories that were made more memorable for me in the A.C.E. curriculum because of how it is written. And there have been plenty of times my kids have remembered Bible stories that I had to think about.

Now we do change up curriculums when we get to second and third grade. But we’ve already had three of our kids go through A.C.E. for kindergarten and we plan on having the rest of them do it as well. The character lessons are worth every penny. It’s just a side benefit that they learn letters, math, history and science.

Before I finish this post I want to add that we chose A.C.E. because I wasn’t confident in my ability to educate my children on my own. A.C.E. is a full curriculum that guides you through the teaching process. It helped so much that I’ve gained the confidence and am now reaching out into other ways of teaching our children. A more hands on approach. But that’s a whole other post for another day. For now, if you’re curious about homeschooling and you’re a follower of Christ. I strongly encourage you to try A.C.E. with your young ones. Build a good, strong, biblical foundation.


Some people get excited about Disney World. I do. But even more so I get psyched about the Teach Them Diligently Convention! It’s a gathering of hundreds of friends that you’ve never met! The speakers are all inspiring and have changed the way I homeschool. I’ve done a complete 180 since the convention this past March 2012. And the people I’ve met have become lifelong friends. It’s like this encouragement to continue living in the world but not of the world.

Today we received an email with the locations of the TTDC 2013. Three locations next year!

I hope you prayerfully considering attending next year. Plenty of time to plan! We went for one day this past spring, due to circumstances beyond our control, but we are definitely looking forward to spending three wonderful days with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

Hope to see you there!


Weep With Those Who Weep

September 20, 2011

I have four beautiful daughters. Their clothes are all colored pink. Dolls cover every open surface. Their voices are too high for me to understand at times. And then last year we were blessed with a son. And with that my world changed.

Everything I thought I knew was flipped. With daughters you have different worries than you would with a son. You think differently. I would read scripture almost through different eyes. Now with a son I think about things I never really delved into before. For example, this week my middle daughter is learning about Moses as a baby {Exodus 1-2}. I really appreciate the homeschool curriculum we use for this age, Accelerated Christian Education, because they go to great lengths to describe to the little ears what the scene must have been like. As I’m reading to my small child I choke back tears. It was difficult to read and to explain to her that the “man in charge didn’t like God’s people and so he killed all of the little baby boys”. He killed them. For the first time that really soaked in for me. My son wouldn’t have been Moses. He would have been taken from me and drowned. My heart grieves for those women. Did they know that Moses had been kept alive and was in hiding? If they knew {and I doubt they did} were they painfully jealous or did they try to help keep Moses quiet when he cried?

How hard was it for his mother to place him in a handmade basket in a river and to trust her daughter to watch him and keep him safe? Such a heavy burden for such a small child. And when Miriam ran back to tell her mother that the princess now had Moses how did she present that? I imagine that his mother’s heart dropped upon first hearing of her son being in the presence of Pharaoh and then unbelievably lifted when hearing that she was being called upon to raise the baby! She must have fallen to her knees and wept. Full of eucharisteo.

But again, my heart is drawn to the women in mourning. We know the rest of this story. We know how it turns out. But these women didn’t. All they knew was their sons were dead and Moses was now living in the kingdom. They hadn’t yet read the part where he kills an Egyptian {to protect his people} and escapes to a different land. They didn’t read ahead to where mumbling Moses must stand before Pharaoh and demand God’s people be set free {time after time after time}. And they didn’t know that the Egyptian sons were all going to be killed by the hand of God.

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” {Romans 12:19 ESV}

When we are hurt. When we are crushed in spirit. When our soul is demanding justice. Be patient. No ones vengeance is like God’s. Wait on Him. Hold back your anger and pray for your enemies. Pray for the Lord’s will, not your own. But trust that He will bring justice. And in the mean time…

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.
{Romans 12:15 ESV}

And pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort those who are in anguish.