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When I’m older and my children have all left the nest I imagine a day where I’ll sit with my husband and we’ll cruise through the photos of yesteryear. That tears will fall as we remember the toddler giggles, the sweet smell of our newborns, the feel of their tiny bodies heavy against our weary arms, the laughs that echoed throughout when Dad would tell a joke, the running to mama leg hugs from the littlest ones, the struggles and successes of homeschooling, the hiking in the mountains as the youngest would stubbornly not allow us to hold him/her, first toes being licked by the ocean, excitedly waiting in line for Rapunzel’s autograph, fitting those growing bodies into their ever shrinking car seats, filling up another sippy cup. Continue Reading…

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January 1, 2014

Happy New Year my loves! I’m still trying to think of my word for the year so in the mean time I want to explain what I’ll be sharing daily with you. Let’s be real, how often do moms get their photos taken? Especially with their children or husband? I, for one, am tired of waiting for others to take photographs of me. I’m not vain, I just want to have memories that I can look back on when my sweet loves have left the nest. My focus is going to be capturing those moments that usually go completely unnoticed. Join me? Grab your camera and a tripod. Get creative and share your photos! Use #dilo on Twitter

Day #1