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This is going to seem so silly but I wanted to encourage you! And honestly, it’s really funny.

So…it all started when our checks finally arrived in the mail. The checks I had been so eager to deposit to finish paying off the credit card! A few days earlier while driving to the grocery I got a flat. So my husband was now at the dealership getting the tire replaced. Being creative I thought I’d drive up to his work and surprise him with the checks {in a Father’s Day card} and allow him to be the one to pay off the card. Here is how that first part went:

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Friendships When You Struggle

November 24, 2014

Friendships When You Struggle -

This past year, which I am now naming “The Struggle,” was survivable because of the love and support of a thoughtful handful of friends. There were so many times that I would cry before them or over the phone. When I would lay my broken heart before them. They were there and they stayed there. They didn’t turn away because this was too heavy for them. So this is where I want to thank them. Though a small blog post hardly does them justice. Continue Reading…

A *Sweet* Baptism Gift

August 25, 2014

Yesterday by bestest friend in Tennessee was baptized! Yayyyyy! Welcome her to the family! I was so sad because we had to miss her lake side baptism due to my daughter having another wretched headache. Thankfully Thieves rescued her from the pain but not as fast as we had hoped. The headache came too close to when we’d have to leave for the lake. Boooooo.

Thankfully she was feeling right as rain not too long later. We still wanted to celebrate our sweet sister and her public announcement of her new life in Christ. So I did what every good friend would do. I hopped on Pinterest. After discovering this awesomely clever idea we popped the kids in Bessie, our large family van, and headed out shopping! We had candy to buy!

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Listen When He Prompts

August 7, 2014

I was trying to make the effort to wake early {thanks to Planet Mommyhood} and to spend time with the Lord and to get some other things done that I normally let slide. But the night before I was plain exhausted. I had already been waking early for a couple days and it was beginning to wear on me. I had already decided I would sleep in.

The next morning God awoke me at 5:30am. I laid there debating with myself. I could fall back asleep and grab a few more zzzz’s which would probably making me a better person to deal with. Or I could haul myself out of bed and go downstairs, out to the deck and enjoy some Bible time, prayer and worship. I want you to know that I really was struggling. My flesh wanted sleep, but my soul desired to be fed. Ugh, why can’t those two ever get along.

I went down, grabbed a coffee and headed outdoors.

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Blessings by the Cup Full

April 12, 2014

Want to bless a tired mama really quick? Get her a coffee. It’s that simple. I’ve been blessed with cup-o-joes many times, by friends and by my husband. I even received a gift card from my incredibly thoughtful mother in law when she knew I was having a rough time. My soul smiled wide when I opened that card.

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