Do Not Disturb

November 30, 2017

Photo by
Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Recently I’ve been thinking about the past a lot. Like, how when I had only a couple kids. How I would cook meals, clean house, go on walks, go to the gym, journal, etc. It’s just not the same anymore and it bothers me. Yes, I’ve added five more children to that amount, but I’m not convinced that’s what’s changed. Then it clicked.

It’s Facebook.

We’re in this HURRY UP mindset now. Cause goodness, if something happens you HAVE to post about it RIGHT NOW! If somebody messages you you MUST respond RIGHT NOW!

I can’t do it anymore. I have been blessed with a beautiful family that sees my face in my phone all. the. flippin. time. Or we’ll get into the car to go somewhere, but “hold on, let me respond really quick.”

Calm down. Step back. The world does not turn on an axis of you.

It’s time we put the breaks on all this social media. It’s a drug. There have been times when my life has been improved because of the internet. Thank you, Pinterest. There are times also when my life has been ruined.

Let’s call it what it is, social media is a time sucker. I mean, look at me, I’m writing a blog post hoping to reach those who have been thinking the same. I want to help you escape from the deathly social media drug addiction.

Turn your phone off.

Turn on Do Not Disturb.

Put your phone on airplane mode.

Have your children hide your phone if you have to! They will probably happily oblige.

I have made social media hours that I’m trying to adhere to because I only get my kids living in my house for so long. I want to enjoy as many moments as I can! So for 2-3 hours every day (except Sundays) I’m going to tell my children that this is Mama Time. Conveniently I’ve chosen napping hours for them at that time.

So what is it that you need to change? What do you miss doing that social media has taken over? For me, I miss reading fiction books! I miss family meals without phones. I miss using my bloody expensive real camera.

I’m thankful for the internet when it comes to driving directions, paying bills, ordering goods, meeting new friends, running a business, getting recipes, etc.

There are pros and cons to everything. It’s all about learning how to dance with what you want to do and knowing what you need to let go of.



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