Family Togetherness

April 22, 2017

These past few years have been intense. I’ve struggled, I’ve felt heavier in so many areas of my life, there’s been times of grandeur that I never expected, times of normalcy, times of questioning “why.” Overall, from the other side, I am humbled. Humbled to be allowed to go through the depths. Though rough, I know He’s using these times to sharpen me to be able to help others.

And through it all we’ve grown closer together. My family. The constants. The always heres. The never leaving yous. The catch you when you falls.

We spent the day out together. We have our house listed for sale (prayers appreciated, we’re very excited and that’s a whole other soon to be coming post). It’s that time of year for strawberry picking!

We got away from the daily education and from the house work. Those things are all well and good and needed. But we desperately needed a break away from the grind. We needed a family sabbath. And as much as I adore the farm life…y’all I’m just not a farmer. I’m no Joanna Gaines. So if I see a U-Pick then I am all over that!

We needed to pull our eyes away from our screens. We run our lives digitally. And I truly don’t believe God wants that as a constant for us.

It’s amazing in some instances. My husband does so much for the impoverished around the world. So yes, digital is the way to go for that. Though they do go and meet in the communities. You better believe internet connection is nearly completely void in those areas. But when it comes to fellowshipping with others, face to face y’all. Face. To. Face. You can’t feel somebody’s heart over a text. A virtual hug is nothing when you need a real shoulder to press into.

Spend time together. And I’m not talking about watching a movie. Sorry, but truth be told I hate tv/movies. I can enjoy something briefly but I find it a waste to watch somebody else living life. Look around you! There’s so much beauty to behold! So many adventures to be had! So many memories to make.

We were not created to live inside a little box. Turtles live within their shells but even they will cross the dangerous areas. The roads less traveled. Goodness, just the other day I drove over a turtle. Thankfully, I didn’t hit him. Drove straight over him and checked the rear view mirror to make sure he was ok. Little dude just kept truckin’ across the old country road. His heart rate probably a little quicker than a minute earlier.

This year was the first time my youngest experienced the joy of picking those ripe, sweet little berries. As you can see above, he found more fun in squishing them in his fingers than munching. But you live and learn! Check that off his life experience list!

So as a mother I want nothing more than to know my kids know and love Jesus. And to know that we experienced and learned so much about His creation together. I don’t want to limit God to a book. He’s everywhere. We need community. We need relationships. We need to know that our jobs aren’t what define us. You need to leave a legacy. You are worth so much more than you’ll ever believe. The lives you touch…the ripple that you create. You are helping shape the next world changers. Put your phone down, put the kids in the car, and go make memories!





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